Travel Kit Bottle Set

Travel Kit Bottle Set


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No one likes to open his suitcase and see his shampoo on his sunglasses or worse on his leather sandals. It is simple, the kit is a must-have and Banale suggest to you a transparent one, and filled with colourful compressible bottles with measuring caps.

Banale Kit travel Mini batchers

By transferring your liquid and cream inside, you guarantee to yourself a fast and trouble-free control at the airport. Indeed, the largest bottles have a maximum capacity of 60 ml.

Once your destination reached, your favourite cosmetics will be directly accessible. Whether you are going for a long stay or a weekend: adapt the content of the kit to your needs!

■ Contents: 3 bottles of 60 ml and 3 bottles of 15 ml
■ Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 5 cm
■ Weight: 300 g
■ Materials: silicone +pp (60 ml) and ps +pp (15 ml)
■ Colours: green, blue, orange and white