Banale Silver Mask - Hi-Performance (Pre-Order ETA August 2020) – Urban Traveller & Co.
Banale Silver Mask - Hi-Performance (Pre-Order ETA August 2020)
Banale Silver Mask - Hi-Performance (Pre-Order ETA August 2020)

Banale Silver Mask - Hi-Performance (Pre-Order ETA August 2020)


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Introducing SILVER MASK – a revolutionary breathing mask with unique antibacterial silver shell, active carbon filtering technology, 3 different levels of protection and enhanced comfort. 


Banale Pollution Mask

Total Protection

The external washable cover entraps the big dusts like pollen while the built-in filter blocks the small particles like PM 2.5 and PM 10. Activated carbons kill bad odors too. FFP2/N99 standards compliant.

Banale Pollution Mask

Long lasting filter

Originally made for professional purpose this 7 layers filter has been adapted to Mask. It never loses its filtering power but we suggest to change it every 2 months due to hygienic reasons.

Double wearing mode

Choose the wearing mode that makes you feel more comfortable. Back to your head or behind the ears.

 It’s also antistatic for a comfortable fit and transpirant so that collected moisture can easily evaporate. Moreover, you can hand-wash your shell whenever you want without compromising its antibacterial function.

Our patented design introduces an innovative wearing system. Wearing Silver Mask is quick and easy

Pull the laces behind your ears or nape, tighten it up and adjust until you reach perfect adherence and stability. Laces are made of premium Lycra to be fully stable and soft on your skin at the same time.

Silver Mask can be adapted to every face shape, so that everybody can enjoy an effective protection and ultimate comfort.

Every filters embeds an improved breathing valve projected for professional use.

This technical add-on makes it easier to breathe in and out without feeling as if your breath is limited by the mask. The valve also moderates the temperature, keeping it fresh rather than trapping heat and moisture as other masks would.

 Silver Mask ensures that riders who share the road with polluting vehicles can breathe easily thanks to the active carbon filtration system and improved breathing valve.

It fits any helmet and accommodates sunglasses with ease. It maintains a stable yet comfortable fit on your face, yet is easy to put on and pull off as needed.

That’s not all – Silver Mask also uses reflective cables that are perfect for night use, further improving cyclist safety.

The grey cable light up and reflect in the headlights of cars, so that even if you forget your bike lights or your errands take longer than expected, your safety is not compromised. Pick the grey cable to add this reflective element to your mask!  Other colors are not reflective.

Thanks to its patented cables system, Silver Mask fits perfectly with every face shape, no matter if small or large. The one-size-fits-all system is related to adult sizes.

The silver element (Ag) is naturally antibacterial, killing harmful pathogens without any harmful side effects