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The Truffleist creates artfully handcrafted truffle products at our headquarters in Long Island City, Queens. We offer the highest quality products, developed from masterfully curated truffle ingredients, allowing customers to create and enjoy exceptional and enticing dishes. While our truffles are imported from the countrysides of Italy, France and Spain, we proudly source many of our base ingredients locally from small farms and artisanal producers.

Truffleist founder, Jimmy Kunz, was fortunate enough to explore a medley of culinary experiences at a young age. Growing up in New York City, Jimmy earned an early appreciation of delicious, cravable dishes made up of the pristine classics and humble, culturally diverse cuisines his hometown has to offer. These food moments and memories imprinted on Jimmy, and motivated his commitment to creating remarkable experiences with those around him, communing through the sharing of mind-blowing food.

truffleist founder

Jimmy began making truffle butter as a holiday gift for friends and family before he was inspired to take his passion to the next level by officially becoming The Truffleist. Like a modern-day version of the street cart vendors who walked a young New York City, Jimmy started out hand-delivering the product to his early customers, personally navigating the City streets by Vespa.

Since launching the company with that flagship truffle butter in 2013, The Truffleist now offers a growing selection of distinct truffle products, in addition to hosting a wildly successful seasonal market: Cheesesteaks by The Truffleist. The Truffleist products are available at pop-up markets, specialty shops, internet, and up and down the East Coast on the shelves of Whole Foods. We are also honored to be featured in the dishes of some of New York’s most visionary and celebrated chefs.

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Truffle Honey - Urban Traveller & Co.
Truffle Honey
  • ₱1,200.00
Truffle Mustard - Urban Traveller & Co.
Truffle Mustard
  • ₱999.00
Truffle Hot Sauce - Urban Traveller & Co.
Truffle Hot Sauce
  • ₱1,200.00
Truffle Sauce - Urban Traveller & Co.
Truffle Sauce
  • ₱1,200.00
Truffle Salt - Urban Traveller & Co.
Truffle Salt
  • ₱1,200.00

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Truffle Oil Mini Sampler Set - Urban Traveller & Co.
Truffle Oil Mini Sampler Set
  • ₱2,550.00

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Truffle Sauce Sampler Set - Urban Traveller & Co.
Truffle Sauce Sampler Set
  • ₱1,800.00

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Truffleist Truffle Oil - Urban Traveller & Co.
Truffleist Truffle Oil
  • ₱1,250.00