Archival was founded with the goal of creating best quality, made in USA, bags and apparel inspired by historical examples. All Archival products are made to be simple, durable, and functional.

Material components are chosen for their historical accuracy, aesthetic appeal, durability, ease of repair and minimal environmental impact. The products reconcile the cost of domestic manufacturing with a high level of quality by being austerely designed, taking advantage of efficiencies throughout the manufacturing process. Archival creates products for an active, passionate, knowledgeable customer who not only buys products but also listens to our ideas.


DirectnessWe - sell what we love. We only create products that we wish to use ourselves.

Transparency - Tell the story of Archival and be as open as possible about our practices, processes, design choices, promotions, etc.

Authenticity - Archival makes products that fill a niche in the market. We do not chase trends. We bring back products that have disappeared, or fill in the historical blanks by taking heavy inspiration for the creation of a new design.

Customer Service - Archival was founded on direct, personal communications with our customers. Even as we grow, we maintain a close, personal dialogue with our users. This is done to share information and stories, but not to crowd source the direction of the brand.

Ruggedness - Archival products are overbuilt for everyday use. They use the sturdiest, most historically accurate materials possible.

Heirloom - Archival products are designed to be passed down to future users. The designs, materials, and garment tags should still be compelling to someone 50 years after it was made.

Education - Archival helps users understand the historical context and design origins of our products.

Activity - the Archival brand is about doing, exploring, going outdoors, and staying mobile.

Audience - Our customers listen to us and they buy from us. They look to us as curators, historians, artists and stylists. They trust our eye and are confident in our products.

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