Earth Pak was founded in 2015 after we graduated college and decided to pack our bags for one last hurrah in Southeast Asia before we entered the 9-5 life. From motor biking in the rain, to getting down and dirty while volunteering at elephant sanctuaries, we came back to the United States with memories to last a lifetime – but travel gear that didn’t last through our wild three-month adventure.

On our flight back, we were so bummed to be headed back to the reality of adulthood. We were still on a high from our travels – reflecting on the good, but more importantly, the bad of our trip. Broken zippers. Soaked backpacks. Holes at the seams. It all sparked an idea. Once we landed, we decided we were going to opt out of updating our resumes and instead, keep the adventure going by creating an outdoor brand where we would be in control of what went to market: Earth Pak.

Earth Pak was started with a passion to create innovative, quality products that would support everyone’s spirit for exploration. With every material, seam, and buckle, we make it an effort to personally inspect our products before they go to market. We touch our dry bags and think about whether they would have withstood that time we motorbiked through Thailand in a rainstorm. We go camping with our packable backpacks with items similar to the ones we took on our Southeast Asia trip. NOTHING from Earth Pak is sold without being tested and approved by us. Our company is more than just an outdoor retailer; each one of our products represents our passion to experience the outdoors without a hitch.

As a result, Earth Pak has sold over 80,000 bags and backpacks that are being used across all 7 continents – and the number keeps growing. Not bad for an idea that came from two college guys that didn’t want to transition into an average 9-5 job.

Our mission is to bring to market quality products that will help inspire and guide those who are eager to fulfill their craving to explore. Reflecting back on our trip in Southeast Asia, we pride ourselves with producing exceptionally durable gear – that will encourage a continuous positive outlook of the outdoors. As a company, we are committed to creating innovative bags and outdoor products that will forever celebrate adventure, and more importantly, nurture the connection between you and the outdoors.