Ideal&Co – Living Heritage* is a 100% Portuguese brand, whose aim is, through its collections, to reinterpret, preserve and share the beauty of what is genuine and Made in Portugal.

Tradition and contemporaneity are united in the design, construction and finishes of each piece. This reflects the Portuguese cultural inheritance and the richness of our human and natural resources.

By choosing and respecting noble prime materials; it presents in each collection exclusive articles, built one by one, in an ecological and sustainable way. The artisans responsible by these articles have learned through many generations how to shape unique objects that are at the same time desirable and lasting.

There is an entire legacy present in the Ideal & Co products – functioning as a communication interface between the past and the future - where we can discover memories and emotions shaped in objects that we want to feel. Capable of potentiating, on the hands of their users, intense experiences and of great affective richness.





IIdeal & Co, Living Heritage* is the culmination of diverse histories and experiences: a brand that sees itself as passionate, dreamy and spontaneous, where each piece is much more than just what you see and touch.

Although Ideal & Co - Living Heritage* is a brand created in 2012, it is actually the continuation of a long ago project that began to take shape in 1935 through the hands of Rute’s grandfather, Antonio Vieira, when he was but a young boy of 14 years.

The pieces sold by Ideal & Co, Living Heritage* are created with the best Portuguese leathers. These leathers are tanned with vegetable tannins, obtained from tree bark, such as Mimosa, and are dyed with natural dyes. In this tanning process none of the chemicals based on Chromium salts are used.

Inspired by the entire historical, social and cultural life of a family, and of a region Ideal & Co - Living Heritage* has as a starting point, and inspiration for each collection, the richness of materials as well as the natural and human resources of the "Parque Natural das Serras d’Aire e Candeeiros".

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