Knirps – the umbrella with the red dot.

Not a lot of dots are worldwide as popular as the red Knirps dot. Brand sign, logo and commitment to quality.
For almost 90 years it has been the worldwide recognition feature for the German umbrella brand and its brand promise,
as well as the unique combination of independent design attributes and the highly developed technical functions.
Knirps – who also develops and offers design award winning sun shades as well as practical and stowable rain clothes
for men and women – has transferred these brand values to all business and product areas.

Knirps® - the Original.

With the largest selection for women and men, we offer you the newest trends in rain umbrellas and sun shades.
The Knirps fashion styles are uncomplicated and simple, but with high demands for every individual look.
Knirps convinces its fans not only as a fashion brand but also with the constantly high quality of its products.


The umbrella with the red dot in the wind tunnel test.

All our umbrella models are very sturdy and extremely durable due to a sophisticated mix of materials. To ensure optimal flexibility, all our products are thoroughly wind tunnel tested. Besides the reliabilty of all our umbrellas, the persistence through optimized material selection and the durability by avoiding the use of recycled materials are very relevant. Also on the safety aspect through rounded umbrella tips to minimize eye injuries is thought. All Knirps products do have a high recognizability and a distinctive design.

Knirps umbrellas - top quality advertising media

The Company


A war injury made it difficult for Hans Haupt to carry both a walking stick and an umbrella, so he set about creating a solution. The result - the first umbrella with a telescopic frame.

It fit neatly in his pocket, and was always available when it rained! Being so small, it was natural that he referred to it as his tiny 'tot' - a young child - and that is where the brand name Knirps comes from, as ‘knirps’ means ‘tot’ in German.

In 1928, a company called Bremshey & Co could see the potential for such a product and helped produce the first varieties of this innovative pocket umbrella.
It was the beginning of a new era, and many different sizes, shapes and colors were developed.

New and innovative materials were used, and daring constructions were created with many of them setting the standard for how umbrellas should be, like the first automatic version in 1965, and the new Knirps X1 in 2004, the smallest Knirps of all time.


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