Good answers are always the result of the right question. Our goal is to create bags for people in a modern environment. And if you’re looking for a bag that suits your way of life, then QWSTION can get you there. Our bags are designed with the modern metropolitan individual and his demand for mobility and flexibility in mind. Besides questioning how products are designed and made, the focus is put on the integration of functionality in a distinctive visual language. Each product offers various carrying options. The result are hybrid products that deny the usual categorization, to create our own niche in the market inbetween high fashion and functional utility.


It might be difficult to reinvent the bag as such, but you can certainly enhance it. By questioning the norm and following your vision of improvement, you’ll be able to develop a more refined product. This is precisely our goal with each new piece and we pursue it passionately. We do it by questioning not only the product itself, but also aspects of material, manufacturing, distribution, and branding.QWSTION is not a fashion brand, it is a brand for products. Our collection is positioned inbetween high-fashion and functional utility, each bag works for business as well as for leisure. We want our products to be durable and practical companions to our customers. Therefore we aim to create timeless styles and evolve our collection continuously. When we design our bags we keep the urban human being in mind. With multiple carrying options our luggage offers lots of flexibility, which makes life easier.

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