Secrid wallets are small on the outside but surprisingly big on the inside. Each Secrid wallet incorporates the ultra-thin aluminium Cardprotector.


Since 1990, we – René van Geer (Technical University [TU] Delft) and Marianne van Sasse van IJsselt (Charles Montaigne Fashion Academy) – have been active in the field of design. In 2009, the Cardprotector was born. In 1990 we established the design agency Design Service International (DSI). Later, DSI was converted as SPIRID creation. For twenty years, we and our creative team have been contributory in product innovations for companies such as Maxi-Cosi, KPN telecom, Sitecom and Quooker. While working on various products concerned with electronic payment for Postbank, ING and Rabobank, we became involved in the introduction of the Dutch debit cards, Chipper and Chipknip.

Consumers were not satisfied with the growing number of plastic cards that their wallets were not suited for. In 1997, this inspired us to develop the first card holder – the Bodycard.

The Bodycard, just as our following products, was produced in the Netherlands.

In 2008 we chose to follow our big dream: a house brand and product line, developed from our own vision. We put all our knowledge and experience to work to design the ultimate card holder. In 2009, we launched the Secrid Cardprotector on the market, which won us a Red Dot Design Award in 2010. In the same year, we started marketing our own line of leather wallets. In 2012, we won the Aluminium Award with our Miniwallet.

We are proud of the awards we've won and our Secrid products are already being sold in 38 countries. Our dream has become reality and we continue to develop new products.



Change is the only constant in life. Coins and paper money have served as the primary method of payment for centuries. The arrival of high-tech cards caused a rapid replacement of these traditional means of payment. This new era of technology calls for an innovative type of wallet. One that protects both your privacy and your money. The Secrid wallet does exactly that both in terms of security and style. Secrid wallets are small on the outside but surprisingly big on the inside. Each Secrid wallet incorporates the ultra-thin aluminium Cardprotector.


By developing a revolutionary different product and production process, wallets are once again being produced on a large scale in the Netherlands. More efficient and cleaner than ever and at a quantity never before seen in the Netherlands. Close cooperation with our 40 suppliers also plays a part in this. From the sewing workshop in Vlaardingen to the social enterprise in Leiden. Produced in favourable conditions and with concern for the environment, Secrid has already created more than 200 jobs in the Netherlands.



To safely use an RFID/NFC card, you slide it out 3 cm from the Cardprotector; the sensitivity for the radio signal is then substantially reduced, but still sufficient for contact over short distances. By minimising the time duration and signal strength, you remain outside the reach of digital pickpockets.


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