Secrid Leathers

Secrid Wallets are made from European cowhides with a full-grain and aniline dyed basis, which can be worked for a diversity of unique looks and feels. There is a total of 16 leather types in the collection.

Treatments & finishes

Full-grain leather

The top layer of the hide forms the highest quality leather. This favourite among luxury brands retains most of leather’s natural appeal. In contrast to corrected leather, the surface of full-grain leather has not been sanded to remove natural marks. Our full-grain leather variants are finished in one of two ways; aniline and semi-aniline.


Split leather

Our soft split leather takes its name from the production process, in which cowhides are split in two parts. The top layer forms full- or corrected-grain leather, while the bottom part forms the basis for split leather or suede. We use this leather to create highly altered leathers such as our Glamour line.

Corrected-grain leather

Corrected-grain leather starts out as full-grain leather and is worked to create specific surface characteristics. By coating and sanding the leather we can create a variety of feels and looks. Our wallets made of corrected-grain leather are typically more resistant to water and stains.

Full-aniline finish

The soluble dyes used in aniline colouring don’t coat the skin but penetrate its surface, colouring it all the way through. Full aniline means no other finish had been used to cover the surface of the leather, keeping the leather’s look close to its natural origin. In this manner the natural texture with all its character remains visible.

Semi-aniline finish

Semi-aniline is a process similar to full-aniline, but adds a thin top coating to colour the leather further and/or protect it from wear and staining. Because we produce exclusively in the European Union, strict EU laws regulate the use of materials that could be damaging to health and the environment.