TecknoMonster is an Italian company with IAN certification - Italian Aerospace Industry - based in Casorate Sempione, in the Varese district, a few steps from the giants of the Italian aeronautical industry and in the heart of the moor, among high-level stables.

In TecknoMonster, the space of time seems to be different: past and future form the present, between engineers who imagine tomorrow drawing from ancient traditions and highly specialized craftsmen who build every single artifact manually, step by step.

Finely engineered made-in-Italy specialty products can be created only if the whole production chain is kept fully under control. Indeed, the whole cycle takes place in Casorate Sempione: from carbon fiber processing to final packaging.


The Carbon Fiber is a latest generation multi-axial fabric, which boasts the best stiffness and strength properties with respect to low density, minimum thickness and lightness that distinguishes it.

In the aeronautical field it is estimated that in 2050 75% of the steel will be replaced by carbon fiber.

There is no doubt that TecknoMonster products are created with the fiber and technology of the future.

The Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber guarantees TecknoMonster products maximum strength and lightness, with minimum thickness and weight.

It is the material of the future, used today only for high quality and highly specialized productions of excellence.

It is a niche material, which sees its major uses for racing car bodies, aeronautics, construction as an anti-seismic solution, in the space industry.

The Carbon Fiber has one of the highest mechanical strengths in its class, a high resistance to thermal shocks and chemical agents and good fireproofing properties.

The Glacies Carbon Fiber TecknoMonster is said to be balanced because the particular weave further elevates its resistance.

Glacies Ultrathin Rigid Carbon Fiber

The Tecknomonster works with the Glacies Carbon Fiber in autoclave, following the most futuristic processes aeronautics and aerospace industry. 

The Glacies Carbon Fiber is an excellent material, of last generation and with high mechanical properties, which requires millimetric precision in the processing phases:  from design to final assembly.

Glacies Carbon Fiber is introduced in two different designs: Radika, inspired by the natural veins of briar and Obliquus, a sophisticated geometric pattern with oblique parallel lines.

Radika and Obliquus can be customized with a matte and glossy finish.

Every single TecknoMonster component, created in Glacies carbon fiber, is shaped, forged and chiseled by hand. High precision technological works that create unique and unrepeatable artifacts.

On every single TecknoMonster component, created in Glacies carbon fiber, an identification plaque is set in non-removable aluminum, with a unique hand-engraved identification code.

Nix Flexible Carbon Fiber

Tecknomonster processes Nix carbon fiber creating the perfect combination of cutting-edge technological applications and authentic craftsmanship. 

Engineering and manual skills merge to create unique examples of inimitable artefacts. Nix carbon fiber is flexibility and strength, future and tradition at the same time.

Obliquus presents itself in the design, a sophisticated geometric pattern with oblique parallel lines.

TecknoMonster is available exclusively at UTC Greenbelt 5