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The Secret’s in Silver

Born out of a growing demand for masks, the BANALE SILVER MASK emerges from Kickstarter and lands to the fore as a high-performance, high-fashion breathing mask. Aside from the trademark antibacterial layer, activated carbon, and an interchangeable filter that made Banale masks a hit, this newest addition to the roster has antibacterial silver that boosts the protection it gives to health-conscious people and urban commuters.


The FFP2 standard filter is made by combining 7 filtering layers and activated carbons. It will ensure that you have 95% protection from pm2.5, pm10, pollen and bacteria.

● Dimensions: 4*6.7*2.7 in

● Material: Felt and polyester, silver (shell); polypropylene and activated carbon (filter); lycra (laces)

● One size fits all

- Extra Lycra Chords are available for purchase


The filter should be replaced every 6-8 weeks, but actual time depends on the conditions of use.

For additional information on the effectiveness of silver element as anti-virus please refer to this scientific journal:


In conclusion, it was demonstrated that the silver nanocluster/silica composite coating deposited on facial masks possessed virucidal effect. This coating is able to completely reduce the titre of SARS-CoV-2 to zero in the conditions described here. As already reported, this coating can be deposited on practically every kind of filtering media and also on metallic, ceramic, polymeric and glasses surfaces. It can hence provide an effective contribution to safety of crowded areas like supermarkets, productions sites, schools, hospitals, etc, where surfaces are exposed to many contacts with body parts each day. It can increase the working life of filtering masks and filtering media, also reducing the waste production related to their disposal.



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