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Natsu Wallets helps to reduce your everyday carry to an absolute minimum. Carry only what you need and access them easily.

For The True Minimalist.

Many minimalist wallets can’t accommodate to your EVERY need. Sure, you can fit your Cards and cash snugly in them, but there has always been the issue of, “where do I put my coins?”

The NATSU wallet’s signature “Anti Coin Spill Compartment” was born of this purpose. Designed as a place for you to house your spare change until you get home, NATSU is the very first minimalist wallet to at its amazing size (9.3cmx6.7cm), hold not only cards and cash, but coins & Keys too. Say goodbye to loose change clinking around in your pockets.


  • NATSU Wallets are also RFID protected to ensure the safety of your personal information.
  • 1 card compartment with quick access curved corners
  • 1 cash slot and a unique coin/key slot
  • Holds 4-6 cards comfortably, along with coins and bills



    • Natsu is constructed using only one piece of PU saffiano leather. All edges are precisely oiled to prevent fraying of the materials.


    • We offer full refunds within a 30 day period. Exchanges and replacements may be requested should there be any issues with the shipped product. We value our supporters’ happiness and strive to make sure you smile with our timely deliveries, quality products and customer service – your satisfaction is our priority.

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