A SILVER LINING: Adding a layer of protection with Banale Silver Mask

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world on its head and redefined life as we know it. Its detrimental impact on lives and livelihoods has driven people off the streets and into their homes. Stepping out suddenly meant being vulnerable to an invisible and deadly foe. However, not all hope is lost. In their quest to find the best protective equipment that can safeguard those who have no choice but venture outdoors, scientists have stumbled on a silver lining. 

A study published on ScienceDirect revealed a way to improve air filtering in facial masks. The answer lies in the virucidal effect caused by the silver nanocluster/silica composite – which also happens to be a central component of the BANALE Silver Mask.

Banale Silver Mask


The Study

Basing on earlier research that sheds light on the antibacterial and antifungal behavior of silver ions and nanoparticles, a group of scientists decided to test the effect of silver nanocluster/silica composite coating when deposited on a facial FFP3 mask.

The preliminary tests showed that the coated facial mask displayed virucidal effect. Compared to its uncoated counterpart, the coated mask significantly reduced the concentration of a COVID-19 strain used in the experiment.


The Verdict

The silver nanocluster/silica composite coating was proven to be capable in increasing the working life of filtering masks and filtering media. In the process, it can also reduce waste production in relation to the disposable nature of the common facial mask. Aside from filters, the coating can also be applied on metallic, ceramic, polymeric, and glass surfaces.

The Mask

Capitalizing on the virucidal properties of silver, the BANALE Silver Mask is making waves with its trademark antibacterial layer, activated carbon, and an interchangeable filter that contains the said element. Born out of a growing demand for masks, the BANALE SILVER MASK is now positioned as a high-performance, high-fashion breathing mask, designed to boost the protection it can give to health-conscious people and urban commuters.

Don't let your anxiety levels rise with the number of COVID-19 cases present in the country. Invest on a facial mask such as the BANALE Silver Mask and be more confident in taking each step towards a new world.