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FREITAG: Products Centred on Sustainability


Carry your personal belongings anywhere with FREITAG bags. FREITAG products are well-known for their innovative craftsmanship, minimalist design, and sustainability. Each piece is made with excellent Swiss design, so you can be sure of their quality.

If you value sustainable efforts and creative pieces to complement your everyday look, FREITAG backpacks, bags, and accessories are the right choice for you.

FREITAG upcycles truck tarps and saves them from going into landfills, transforming them into highly functional, unique pieces that you can collect and enjoy for many years to come.


FREITAG products are being sold in select Urban Traveller & Co. stores:
Greenbelt 5, Vertis North, and One Bonifacio High Street
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Freitag Luggage Freitag STRATOS WHITE
Freitag Luggage Freitag STRATOS WHITE