World's Most Invisible Laptop Stand

Written By Julianna He, Founder of MOFT

MOFT, Mobile Office for Travelers, is an idea started 2 years ago when I was traveling between China and the United States, slouching and working on my tiny MacBook Air in the coffee shop, airport or anywhere on the road. It was not comfortable, not at all, but as a woman entrepreneur, I have to prioritize mobility/live with it. Not surprisingly, I got severe cervical spondylosis shortly. Laptop stands have become my only choice.


Back then, I almost tried about 20+ laptop stand that claims to be “mobile” on the market until my room was filled with each and everyone of they were scattered around every corner of my room. All of them, without exception, were big in size, heavy in weight, and everything but mobile. Feeling disappointed, I spoke with my friend Ashley, a product expert that shares my pain and joy (mostly pain), and we decided to initiate this project together.


This is how the stand come into shape. We know, a lot of counterfeits are lurking throughout the marketplace, but they can never copy the way we do things. The materials, the 2 adjusting angles, the built-in magnet, the surface textures are all carefully considered without taking anything for granted.





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