MOFT Snap Invisible Tripod MOVAS - MagSafe Compatible

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Tripod Stand MOVAS™

The Invisible Tripod - Small, yet Powerful

Compatible Devices:
iPhone with MagSafe (iPhone 12/13/14/15);
Universal with other phone models including Android and non-MagSafe iPhone with an included MOFT Magnetic Ring (Note: the ring only sticks to non-silicone phone cases)

Three Modes with Adjustable Angles :
  1. Floating Mode
  2. Stand Mode
  3. Vlogging Mode

  • Video Call Angle (forward tilt up to 10°)
  • Showcase Angle (backward tilt)
  • Theatre Angle
  • Browsing Angle
  • Macro Photography Angle
  • Stand Mode

Dimensions: 3.8*2.5*0.3 in/96.5*63.5*6.9 mm
Weight: 2.9 oz/85 g

Material: MOVAS™ Vegan Leather, Magnets, Metal sheets, Fiber glass, PC

FAQ's :

Is it comparable with other cases?
Yes, it is compatible with other cases, as it comes with a free MOFT Magnetic Ring to work with non-MagSafe cases. Please note that the Magnetic Ring won't stick to silicone cases which may be too slippery to attach the ring.

Any chance this can be a wallet also?
We didn't add the wallet feature to it so as not to add bulk when it's carried. But you can switch between the tripod stand and any MagSafe wallet like our Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet and stack them together for easy carrying on the go.

Is it stable considering how thin it looks at the standing position?
Yes, it's stable. With the origami-inspired structure, it has a triangular base for stability while being thin when folded. It also passed the MOFT Lab Test to support a weight up to 17.6 oz/500g (the iPhone 14 Pro Max weighs 8.5/240g). Additionally, the hinge of the tripod stand is made with manganese steel to remain solid even after being opened and closed 5,000 times.

Is the tripod stand thicker than the lenses of the iPhone so you can lay it on the back without the lenses touching the ground?
Yes, the tripod stand is thicker than the lenses of the iPhone, so you can lay it on the back without the lenses touching the ground.

Can I use it with the MOFT Snap Battery while wirelessly charging?
Certainly, you can position the Snap Battery Pack directly between the phone tripod and your phone, like a sandwich, thanks to the dual-sided magnetic design of the battery pack. However, it's best to avoid this setup when using the Video Call Angle, as it can cause the phone to tilt due to an imbalance of force.

Is it yellowing-resistant?
Yes, it is made with our pioneering, self-developed MOVAS™-E vegan leather, which boasts remarkable UV and dirt resistance compared to regular leather. This means it's less likely to yellow over time. To ensure the product looks and performs at its best, it's recommended cleaning any stains immediately.

Will its color fade?
The MOVAS™-E vegan leather also retains its vibrant color for a long time through a unique dyeing process and materials. A quick tip: Avoid strong chemicals that might damage the leather and lead to color fading. To keep it looking sharp, use alcohol below 75% concentration and skip other chemical cleaners in your regular maintenance routine.

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