Unseen Hero: Taking a stand with MOFT

As the saying goes, “to see is to believe.” Many would refuse to accept a claim unless they have seen the subject in the flesh; thus, it became customary to show and tell. However, some brands are proving that products don’t have to be loud to make noise. In keeping with their principle that “good design is invisible”, MOFT created an everyday companion that leaves a lasting impact even while unseen, unfelt, and unnoticed.



The MOFT Airflow Universal – Adhesive Laptop Stand is for the consummate professional who wants to keep a low profile yet has exquisite taste. It resonates well with Urban Traveller & Co. (UTC)’s clientele, which makes it a welcome addition to the store’s stellar roster of lifestyle essentials.  



Designed to act as a natural appendage for the laptop, the MOFT Laptop Stand is constructed with special PU and fiberglass material that fuses strength and stability to support this modern necessity. Its built-in magnets enable it to unfold quickly and securely latch on to flat surfaces. The MOFT Laptop Stand can be conveniently attached and detached, over and over, without leaving a single mark or scratch.

MOFT Unseen



One would barely feel the weight of the MOFT Laptop Stand on their hands. Light as a pen and thin as a coin, it weighs a mere 3 oz – a quality that makes the MOFT Laptop Stand perfectly suited to mobile working. At a time where the concept of a workplace continues to change, this will surely give users an edge.

MOFT Unfelt



Another benefit that MOFT provides is beyond the reach of the naked eye. Equipped with two elevation adjustments, the MOFT Laptop Stand allows for greater flexibility that helps maintain healthy posture. Whether sitting comfortably in the office or standing in a remote area, an activity can go uninterrupted by neck and shoulder pain.

MOFT Posture Adjustment


MOFT may not turn heads the way most people think or prefer, but this is definitely not a flaw in its design. It’s actually what makes it stand out – an unseen hero whose power is felt not just through sight, but through experience.