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About us

DeltaHub is a young European company, passionate about designing products that bring extra ease to your every day. With us, the design doesn’t start with aesthetics, it begins with functionality.

What started just as a hobby — and something our parents did not believe in, is now our full time job and Carpio is serving thousands of customers all over the world.


We lived the problem, we are solving today

Amadej, before founding DeltaHub, was living that agency life. Clients' deadlines pushed him into working after hours often meaning he was the last person to leave the office.

Just before finishing one project, he had felt pain in his right wrist for the first time. He resisted to give it much of a thought, but the uncomfortable feeling advanced in to twitching and tingling in his fingers.

He ordered a bunch of different wrist rests but didn’t find any of them helpful, let alone aesthetically pleasing.

That was enough.

Amadej is a guy who hates the status quo and wants to make a difference in this world, he decided to create something on his own. And that’s how the idea of Carpio and DeltaHub was born.

Finally, the results came in

April 2019: Rector’s award for best innovation

March 2020: Healthday, Top 5 Slovenian health startups

October 2020: Highest award for Innovation and a special award for startups by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia 

Marko Mikša, MD:

Expert’s opinion

When designing Carpio we consulted with Marko Mikša, MD. A surgeon, specialising in plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery — including carpal tunnel surgeries. His background brought the experience needed to find that perfect contoured ergonomic shape.