DeltaHub Wrist Rest: Your Health Rests on Your Palm

DeltaHub Wrist Rest: Your Health Rests on Your Palm

Are you looking for ways to reduce the pain on your wrists and hands after working behind the computers for hours? Check out the DeltaHub Carpio 2.0, the world's first Ergonomic Wrist Rest. This product is designed to alleviate repetitive stress injuries (RSI) suffered by millions of people working on computers every day. Check out the DeltaHub Carpio 2.0 here at Urban Traveller & Co.


Urban Traveller & Co DeltaHub Carpio 2.0


It's time to say goodbye to the carpal tunnel syndrome, tension and pain in hands, wrists, arm, and shoulders! This ingenious design was conceived from DeltaHub’s partnership with medical experts. Together, they carried out oodles of user tests to develop the most precise way to provide optimum rest pad for the wrists. 


The DeltaHub Carpio 2. 0 was formed after carefully analyzing fine hand movements and 3D scanning. After producing more than 50 prototypes, DeltaHub polished the Carpio 2.0 that does not put pressure on the Carpal area, instead reinforcing pressure to the thenar and hypothenar of the palm. 


Urban Traveller & Co DeltaHub Carpio


The ergonomic design of Carpio 2.0 provides better comfort and easy and natural gliding for left and right-handed people. It aids the wrist to stay in proper position and avoids harmful extension by lifting the wrist a few centimeters. Its silicon pads truly offer a fine mixture of comfort and stability. Offered in various hues, like white, grey, and matte back, this work accessory can not only support your wrist but can easily match your favorite gadgets.