Keysmart Statik GloboCharge Universal 30W Adapter White

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Universal Travel Adapter | Worldwide Plug Adapter


  • GloboCharge: Universal Adapter Charges Up to 6 Devices At Once, Anywhere in the World – 2x Faster than Other Adapters!
  • Universal Adapter: Make traveling more convenient. Just one GloboCharge replaces up to 6 outlet adapters. Pack less and travel more. 
  • 2x Faster: GloboCharge charges at 30W, compared to just 15W in some other adapters. Quickly charge up your phone, tablet, laptop, and other devices – safely – no matter where you go.
  • Travel the World: Universal outlet accepts plug types from over 200 countries including Type A, Type B, Type C, Type E, Type F, Type G, Type I, Type J, Type K, Type L, and Type N.
  • Connect & Power All Your Devices: 2 USB-A ports, 2 standard USB-C ports, and one universal outlet, plus a bonus USB-C fast charging port with up to 30W maximum charging speed.
  • Child Safety Features: The GloboCharge comes with safety shutters that prevent accidental contact with the conductor. Always supervise children around electrical devices, and do not leave children alone with the GloboCharge while it’s plugged in.
  • Travel Lighter: Make your next vacation or work trip easier and less stressful with one simple adapter for all your devices. 

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