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F707 STRATOS is a bag that’s grown out of the friendship between a used truck tarp and a repressed airbag.

Airbag B-stock, the material the F707 STRATOS is made of, was initially intended to explode in an emergency and save lives in its function as an airbag. But unfortunately, it very narrowly failed one of the many airbag quality tests it underwent and was taken out of service. Now, we’re now giving the material a second chance.


OK, the F707 STRATOS may not save lives. But sometimes it may save your everyday life. Because despite all the mindfulness and downsizing, there are occasions when your hands are full, when you need more room and a bigger bag. That’s when the F707 STRATOS steps up to the plate. A lightweight backpack that doubles as a shoulder bag and, when you need it, unfolds from the tarp pocket as fast as an exploding airbag.


So, while the A–stock stuff the authentic airbag material, has long been packed into a steering wheel, literally waiting for an accident to happen, our B-stock fabric has been living the good life. Not as a lifesaver. Not as an airbag. But, finally, believe it or not, as a bag.

The FREITAG pop-out backpack, made from discarded truck tarps and unused airbags and available in three basic colors (white, pale blue and pink), is designed for lightweight and even slightly heavier transport needs.

With F707 STRATOS we’re giving used truck tarps a second life and B-stock airbags the second chance of a meaningful existence as highly functional bags.


For all material fetishists and others who’ve forgotten what B-stock actually is, here’s an explanation from our material specialists.

FARBE: 10000025250 weiß gelb, weiß
VOLUMEN: 18 Liter
GRÖSSE 30 × 43 × 11 cm
GEWICHT: ca. 350 g
MODELL: F707 Stratos
OBERMATERIAL: Gebrauchte LKW-Plane, Airbag-B-Ware in Originalfarbe
STIL: Urban

Verstellbarer Handgriff/Schulterriemen, verstellbare Rucksackriemen, Steckfach mit Magnetverschluss unter der Planevorne, Reißverschlussfach hinten, Reißverschluss über Hauptfach.



Zwei Brüder begannen in Heimarbeit Taschen zu schneidern. Mit einer einfachen Idee und viel Fleiß schafften sie den großen Wurf. Individuelle Taschen aus gebrauchten LKW-Planen. Herrlich schön und unglaublich robust. FREITAG ist mehr als eine Tasche. FREITAG ist recycelt, sozial, korrekt und immer wieder überraschend.

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