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Wipe your worries away with Freitag

Today, sanitation is seen as not just a good practice, but a necessary step in preventing the spread of deadly viruses. People dousing packages in alcohol or washing their hands repeatedly after making the slightest physical contact are not being excessive. Rather, these scenarios have become a show of determination to keep sickness at bay.

Given the current climate, it is prudent to patronize items that can weather intense cleaning without losing their spark. Among the brands being carried by Urban Traveller & Co., Freitag stands out with its truck tarp bags that simply ooze with personality.

Freitag Backpacks


A Tarp to Remember

The Freitag bag has a story to tell – and it’s all in the details. What makes each carry unique is the kind of recycled tarp used to put it all together. Sustainable and an absolute head-turner, Freitag bags are as tough as they come. The tarps sourced for each product have proven to withstand the test of time, defying the elements on the back of trucks that have been plying European roads for years.


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A Sanitary Edge

Unlike its fabric counterparts, preserving the cleanliness of the Freitag bag is not as complicated. This is definitely an advantage, considering constant disinfection has become the norm for every household.

In cleaning a Freitag bag, there’s no need for exorbitantly expensive or highly-toxic special cleaners. All that’s required is access to good old tap water and a trusted detergent and disinfectant. Dabbed on a soft cloth, these can wipe away dirt and harmful particles and restore the Freitag bag’s rugged glory.

For the more meticulous F-riend, Freitag bags can actually be wrapped inside a pillowcase and thrown into the wash operating at a maximum of 105 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s as far as they can go, though, as dryers and irons can cause more harm than help.

It’s easy to get anxious when the enemy can strike from every corner. Wipe those worries away without difficulty – choose a Freitag bag that can provide great company and protection in the face of uncertainty.