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Bellroy puts its heart, soul and countless design hours into helping the world carry with greater simplicity and ease. Every piece has been deeply considered to help you get the best of life’s little moments.

In the early 2000s, as slim tailoring became popular, bulky wallets couldn’t hide anymore. So, a team of designers and creatives (who also happened to be friends) sat around a kitchen table in Bells Beach, Australia, to design a slim wallet with fewer layers of leather and better card positioning. The release of this product in 2010 signaled the birth of Bellroy; we’ve come a fair way since then…

Our range has moved beyond pockets and includes pieces for your tech, work and more – right down to your keys. Because as long as there are things to carry, we want to find better ways to carry them.

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Bellroy Card Pocket - Urban Traveller & Co.
Bellroy Card Pocket
  • ₱3,590.00
Bellroy Zip Wallet - Urban Traveller & Co.
Bellroy Zip Wallet
  • ₱5,990.00
Bellroy Campus Backpack - Urban Traveller & Co.
Bellroy Campus Backpack
  • ₱5,500.00


Bellroy Sling - Urban Traveller & Co.
Bellroy Sling
  • ₱6,000.00
  • ₱5,590.00
Bellroy Tokyo Tote - Urban Traveller & Co.
Bellroy Tokyo Tote
  • ₱7,099.00
Bellroy Classic Backpack - Urban Traveller & Co.
Bellroy Classic Backpack
  • ₱7,000.00
Bellroy Key Cover Plus - Urban Traveller & Co.
Bellroy Key Cover Plus
  • ₱2,590.00
Bellroy Hide & Seek - RFID Edition - Urban Traveller & Co.
Bellroy Hide & Seek - RFID Edition
  • ₱5,190.00
Bellroy Travel Wallet - RFID - Urban Traveler & Co.
 - 1
Bellroy Travel Wallet - RFID Edition
  • ₱7,500.00


Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet - RFID Edition - Urban Traveler & Co.
 - 1
Bellroy Note Sleeve - RFID Edition
  • ₱5,560.00
  • ₱5,190.00
Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet - Urban Traveler & Co.
 - 2
Bellroy Slim Sleeve
  • ₱4,790.00