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Clever organisation for better living

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. But we believe the smallest changes can make the biggest difference – and Orbitkey is here to help you do just that.

Inspired by intentional living and contemporary industrial design. They had a simple idea to solve the frustration they had with their noisy pockets, cluttered bags, and messy keys.

They were excited, but they didn't know if others would believe in their solution. In 2013, they introduced Orbitkey to the crowd-funding community. They were thrilled to see 5,000 people believe in our vision by the end of the 30-day Kickstarter campaign. Then Orbitkey came to life.

Simplify Your Carry.
You have your keys with you, wherever you go. The Key Organiser helps you eliminate key jingles, scratches and bulk associated with conventional keychains.
Beautifully Organised.
Reduce clutter so you can focus on what matters. Besides, carrying keys should be simple, really.

Carry Your Keys Better.
Designed with you in mind, every feature of The Key Organiser has been considered with purpose. With a secure mechanism, you can even carry your car key, and it fits 2-7 keys.
Highly Durable, Premium Finishes.
The best quality soft-touch materials, complemented with durable custom-designed hardwares. With many combinations, you can be sure to find one that suits you best.

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Orbitkey Nylon - Urban Traveller & Co.
Orbitkey Nylon
  • ₱1,950.00
Orbitkey Nail File Mirror - Urban Traveller & Co.
Orbitkey Nail File Mirror
  • ₱700.00

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Orbitkey Ring Twin Pack - Urban Traveller & Co.
Orbitkey Ring Twin Pack
  • From ₱1,450.00
Orbitkey Multi-Tool - Urban Traveller & Co.
Orbitkey Multi-Tool
  • ₱600.00
Orbitkey Bottle Opener - Urban Traveller & Co.
Orbitkey Bottle Opener
  • ₱300.00
Orbitkey 32-GB USB - Urban Traveller & Co.
Orbitkey 32-GB USB
  • ₱1,600.00
Orbitkey Leather 2.0 Black Exclusive - Urban Traveller & Co.
Orbitkey Leather 2.0 Black Exclusive Key Holder
  • ₱2,500.00
Orbitkey Leather 2.0 - Urban Traveller & Co.
Orbitkey Leather Keyholder
  • ₱2,250.00
Orbitkey Active 2.0 - Urban Traveller & Co.
Orbitkey Active Keyholder
  • ₱1,499.00