Moft Snap Phone Grip & Stand - MagSafe-enhanced

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Max Grip, Simple Creation

Having a creation studio on you is a snap. The Snap Grip & Stand, a magnetic compact disc, flips out to be a secure holding or stand, making the simple creation in everyday life easier.

Getting ready for your small-screen closeup depends on the right angle. The amazing MOFT Snap Grip & Stand provides upright support for your best shot. Flip open and rest your phone on the MOFT Stand base for a vertical 90° angle. It’s simply the best shot, ready for that surprise FaceTime call, Zoom meeting, or a TikTok live stream.


Snap. Rotate. Flip.

You'll see things from a whole new angle. Snap it on your phone, rotate it 360° and flip it out to unlock hidden viewing modes. Made of soft vegan leather and strong magnets, it’s also a comfortable and sophisticated phone grip that matches your style.
  • Car Mount &Magsafe Compatible,
  • Secure Grip with Enhanced Magnetic Strength,
  • Adjustable Viewing Angles, Mini Tripod at 90° Vertical for Content Creation
  • [ Versatile Stand ] The portrait/landscape 45° is usually for content viewing, while the vertical 90° acts as a stable tripod stabilizer.
  • [ Secure & Comfortable Grip ] Perfect for one-handed holding, and smooth to the touch for its vegan leather surface.
  • [ MagSafe Compatible ] Works with iPhone 13/12 series, and the Snap Phone Sticker makes snapping happen on whatever phone you have.
  • [ Snap on & off ] The flexibility to reattach makes it fun to use. You might not get enough of snapping it on and off your phone over and over pondering over things.
  • [ Slim Design ] At 0.2" thick and weighs 1.3 oz, it doesn’t get caught on your pocket when being pulled in or out of your pocket.

      MOFT SNAP PHONE STICKER - Add this to your order for Non-Magsafe (Android, IPhone 11 or older)

      Because not all devices are made the same, the magnetic-like soft silicone Snap Phone Sticker works with any phone on the market. It’s reusable and leaves your device residue-free. Snap the stand off, keep the Snap Phone Sticker on the back of your phone, and your phone are ready to partner with the Magnetic Wall Sticker anytime for a hands-free experience.


      Trustworthy Holding, Stable Filming

      With its enhanced magnetic force, it's perfect for gripping large phones over 6” like iPhone 13 pro max. Film a concert or take selfies with it, no more fear of accidental drops. 

      Livestream Recording Made Easy

      Next-level Viewing or recording on Desk, Airplanes, Anywhere whether for Tiktok, Youtube or Instagram

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