Secrid Twinwallet MIRUM Plant-Based Black

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MIRUM® is a climate-friendly, plant-based, and recyclable leather alternative that has a traditional leather look. At the end of its life, MIRUM® can be fully recycled into new MIRUM®, or grounded up and returned to the earth. Unlike most leather alternatives, MIRUM® is completely plastic-free.

The wallet fits 8-12 cards in the 2 x RFID-protected Cardprotectors, and the leather bifold holds 4 extra cards and some folded cash. Pushing the lever slides the cards out smoothly for easy access.

  • Bifold made from MIRUM®
  • Quality reassured by UL Solutions
  • Cut and stitched in the Netherland
  • Size70 × 102 × 25 mm
  • MaterialMIRUM®, Aluminum
  • Weight130 g
  • Warranty2 years
  • BanknotesFit when folded
  • Coin pocketNo coin pocket
  • Card capacity12-16
  • Made in Holland
  • Additional features RFID-protected

    RFID Safe

    PROTECT YOUR CARDS from unwanted scanners. Aluminium protects your cards from damage and unwanted wireless communication.

    Secrid RFID Safe Wallet
    Secrid Animation Card Mechanism

    Quick Access in Style

    Secrid has over 16 Leathers with a variety of color combinations with card protectors. You'll surely find the one that matches your personality

    Carry Your Essentials

    Leave behind all the bulk and carry only what you need securely in your pocket. Each Cardprotector can carry up to 5 cards and the wallet can hold 10 bills

    Secrid Wallet Capacity

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