Freitag: Uniquely Thoughtful Christmas Presents For Your Loved Ones

Freitag: Uniquely Thoughtful Christmas Presents For Your Loved Ones

Are you on a hunt for a unique Christmas gift you can give to your fam bam? Worry not, as the Urban Traveller & Co. will help you out. We present you with a one-of-a-kind brand that delivers a one-off style and is friendly to our environment. 

Freitag, known for its recycled truck tarpaulin bags, has launched several chic pieces as part of its commitment to supply environmentally friendly products. Let's get to know some of the brand's exciting and trendy iterations you can dole out to your special ones: 

Bags. Freitag brags about its comprehensive collection of gears perfect for a vast range of consumers. Suss out on some of their impressive selection:


Urban Traveller and Co Freitag Backpacks

  • Backpacks. With its vast array of far-out backpack pieces, there's no better product to give your fashionista friends and family than the Freitag backpacks. These pieces are functional and durable enough for whatever adventure they may have. 


Urban Traveller and Co F11 Freitag Lassie Urban Traveller and Co F41 Hawaii Five-O
  • Messenger bags. If your friend loves the easy accessibility of messenger bags, Freitag got several mind-blowing iterations for them.


Urban Traveller and Co Freitag F261 Maurice F262 Julien Urban Traveller and Co F620 Davian

  • Shopper and tote bag. Grocery shop but make it fashionable. For a fun-filled trip to the grocery, go over some of the brand's colorful and handy shopping tote bags. 


 Urban Traveller and Co Freitag F301 Moss

  • Laptop bags. Freitag got several bag variations for their trusted lappies to carry their laptops around the town. 

Accessories. Is a bag full of eco-friendly products exciting for your family? Freitag sells an extensive collection of eco-friendly merchandise that they can carry snazzily around the town. Check the brand's colorful wallet options, laptop sleeves and phone cases, pouches, card wallets and more. 

 Urban Traveller and Co Freitag Urban Traveller and Co Freitag Masikura


Urban Traveller and Co Freitag Laptop Case


Urban Traveller and Co Freitag F337 Robin F338 Fox Urban Traveller and Co Freitag Accessories


Urban Traveller and Co F705 Secrid x Freitag


Secrid x Freitag. Two of the most innovative brands have collaborated to develop a wallet that uses upcycled materials. Launching the F705 Carprotector, this accessory combines the handy features of Secrid's Slim Wallet and the durability of Freitag truck trap products. This compact tool can store up to 6 cards, which can slide out of the case at a touch of a button.