Here Comes The Rain Again

Here Comes The Rain Again

Rain or Shine, Knirps Got You Covered

While all umbrellas look the same (save for their price and design), they are not created equal. For sunny weather or the brewing rainy days, it’s best to invest in an umbrella that won’t let you down. 
Knirps umbrellas are not just sturdy and sleek, they also provide UV protection, combat the strongest winds, and are environmentally friendly. 


Urban Traveller & Co Knirps Umbrella  


Provides UV Protection 

Knirps' UV protection shields you from the sun’s harmful rays. It deflects the UV and also helps protect your eyes. Make a better choice for your health by tossing those “ordinary” umbrellas and upgrading to Knirps.  

Withstand the Most Windy Days 

At least once, you’ve probably experienced your umbrella turning inside out, particularly on those incredibly windy and stormy days. Knirps umbrellas are built to withstand the wind and are extremely sturdy thanks to its innovative design and premium materials. In fact, all products in their line have been tested in wind tunnels, exposed to varying wind speeds.

Eco-Friendly Picks

Coming soon to Urban Traveller & Co, environmentally safe and sustainable Knirps Umbrella made from biodegradable plastic, recycled PET (which is often found in plastic water bottles), and eco-friendly packaging. 

Stylish, Convenient and Offers Real Value

Knirps has a wide selection of designs for both foldable and stick umbrellas. Choose from its wide, colorful collections that include picks in plain colors, dotted designs, and stripes. In addition, they also have umbrellas with automatic opening and closing mechanisms, which can all conveniently and easily fit in your bags.
Urban Traveller Knirps Philippines
Backed by the impressive German product design and engineering, wind tunnel tested, and designed to offer UV protection, Knirps umbrellas are definitely worth it!

Do away with cheaper options that have left you disappointed many times over. Invest in a durable piece that will serve you for many reasons, and many more seasons.