How Will I Know Which SLING Is For Me?

How Will I Know Which SLING Is For Me?

The term ‘everyday carry’ connotes a degree of default to it. As an extension of your person, it therefore lends itself to your second nature, and becomes integral to your daily habit.


For a bag to be considered an everyday carry, it has to tick most if not all the boxes of your personal needs, because this is something you cannot leave your house without.


So when choosing your new everyday carry bag, what factors come into play? Firstly, you might want to consider the lifestyle you lead; this will determine the kind of aesthetic appeal you might align your new bag with. After that, your new everyday carry has to meet a degree of comfort, functionality, ease of use, and versatility that agrees uncompromisingly with your day-to-day.

Read on further to see which brands might help you embrace your new Sling Life and experience it to its fullest. All of these brands are now available at all Urban Traveller & Co. stores and online at



  • Bellroy is meant to be the quintessential everyday bag for everything, everywhere, all at once. Made to accompany any kind of travel (except for multiversal, which we have no way of testing yet), Bellroy is a bag that’s unassuming yet inviting in its simplicity, and also very capable of withstanding all kinds of wear and tear. Simple, sleek, and deceptively compact, Bellroy excels at carrying plenty of weight while minimizing additional bulk to your person. If you’re someone who carries a fair lot of essentials everyday, the Bellroy Venture Sling, Sling Mini, Sling Premium, and City Pouch are great options for you.


bellroy sling


  • Whereas Bellroy favours simpler, more timeless designs, Code of Bell leans more explicitly towards urban techwear aesthetics. Inspired by the nostalgia wave of fanny packs in recent history, Code of Bell sought to update the colours and shapes of the 80’s and 90’s and bring them to a grittier, edgier, more modern place. Its militaristic, utilitarian influence is seen in its penchant for hardware; prominent, sturdy zippers, plenty of straps, and many unique ways to accessorise and customise allow your COFB sling bag to rise to any occasion and be the bag you need it to be. The Code of Bell bags are amazing options to consider if you’re looking for a bag that can keep up with your fast-paced, active lifestyle.


Code of Bell Philippines



  • By marrying classic aesthetics with future innovation, Tecknomonster brings distinction and sophistication to those who wear their premium carbon fibre bags. If you’re looking to elevate your style to one of class, luxe, and just a hint of opulence, the Tecknomonster bags are a great accessory to accomplish just that.


Tecknomonster Philippines


  • If Tecknomonster is the older, renowned professional eldest child with a fascination for aeronautics and engineering, RAINS is the more image-conscious contemporary middle child with a degree in fashion. Informed by Scandinavian streetwear aesthetics and turbulent European weather, RAINS bags aren’t afraid to get wet. Lightweight, colourful, polyester exteriors are backed by a signature polyurethane coating, allowing RAINS to put an avant-garde, street fashion foot forward and into the puddle without fear. If you consider yourself fashion-conscious and in search of an accessory that not only pops but can also keep up with your unique style, RAINS bags are worthy contenders for your closet.


Rains Box Bag


  • Freitag then becomes the youngest sibling, studying and working in environmental sciences and very vocal about being eco-friendly. As a brand whose roots trace all the way back to a roll of tarp procured from a trucking company in 1993, Freitag’s claim to fame is also their call to action: one-off pieces upcycled from truck tarps. Each Freitag bag is unique in that no two pieces will have the exact same print, and in essence, encourages both environmental awareness and the collector’s item nature of these one-of-a-kind bags. Freitag makes distinct, eye-catching additions to your sling collection.


Freitag Philippines