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Keeping it CLEAN: Our New Normal Essentials

Gone are the days when going out means bringing only your cards, keys, and mobile phones. With the worsening pandemic conditions, we need to detach ourselves from our pre-lockdown habits when stepping outside our homes.
Whether it’s a quick run to the grocery or brief time-off from the pandemic exhaustion, the Urban Traveller & Co. suggests some new normal necessities. Apart from the staple masks and alcohol, UTC and the KeySmart brand offer supplementary products to protect ourselves better from highly contagious viruses. 


CleanTray Charge By KeySmart from KeySmart on Vimeo.

KeySmart CleanTray Charge 

Boasting its powerful 270nm UV light, the KeySmart CleanTray Charge can kill 99.99% of germs found on your precious phones, keys, wallets, or any small item that can fit inside this tray. Its 10,000-hour lifespan UV bulb is twice longer than other UV cases, which makes busted bulbs be the least of your worries. And to add a cherry on top, you can quickly charge your phone on this machine! What could be more impressive than that? 
Keysmart CleanTray To Go Keysmart CleanTray To Go

KeySmart CleanTray ToGo

If you’re always in a rush, better grab the KeySmart CleanTray ToGo. This lightweight and portable machine can quickly disinfect your paraphernalia, lasting up to 5x longer than other UV cases. You can also charge your 7” phone wirelessly anytime, anywhere. 

KeySmart CleanKey

Touching public surfaces is a horrifying act every time we head out our doors. The KeySmart CleanKey lets you get away with touching contaminated surfaces, such as ATMs, doors, and elevator buttons. With its premium copper alloy material, this ergonomically designed simple machine reduces your point-of-contact with dirty surfaces. Not only that! It also comes in a mini size, which you can easily insert in your cute purse.

KeySmart FogBlock

Fog on your glasses is a nightmare, especially when you’re wearing masks, and you don’t want to touch your eyes. KeySmart’s FogBlock will keep your frustrations at bay as it will keep your glasses fog-free for up to 24 hours.
Keysmart Fog Block 

KeySmart CleanLight Air

For 360-degree protection from harmful air particles, grab a handy CleanLight Air UV air purifier. It eliminates 99% of smoke, dust, odor, pet dander, TOVC, and all other air pollution. This is a real handy machine as you can easily slide it on your cup holders and can amazingly purify up to 160 sq. ft. area.