Keeping the momentum going

Keeping the momentum going

MOFT encourages you to “flex your flow” with new drops.

When MOFT began in 2016 with its Invisible Laptop Stand, their goal was to find the perfect angle that would save themselves from the impending health issues caused by hours of craned necks and hunched-over seating positions. The idea was to create mobile tech accessories that were adaptive, intuitive, and seamlessly ready to go anywhere you might need to.

Who knew how instrumental this would be to life in the 2020’s? In the age of hybrid/remote work setups, doom scrolling, and microvlogging, it’s hard not to feel like MOFT had a divine revelation way back when.

Today, our lives revolve around our smartphones. Content creation, whether occupational or recreational, is an essential part of our daily life now; correspondence through video conferences and self-documentation are routine. We’re transcending traditional work boundaries and embracing flexible lifestyle and work models. If our smartphones are as essential to all these new elements to our every day, we need tools that help smoothen the jump from task to task, occasion to occasion.

MOFT’s signature aesthetic features are their origami-inspired folding functions to create “invisible” designs for their tools; engineered to work seamlessly with your devices, MOFT emphasizes adaptability and versatility in whatever roles you need to play, aiding you in maintaining whatever flow state and momentum you built from doing one task to the next.

And now MOFT is back with your favourite phone accessories now featuring MOVAS™-P* Series Vegan Leather. MOVAS stands for MOFT Visionary Atelier Standard, a name befitting this special durable vegan leather that is durable, long-lasting, and sustainable, all while utilising tactile design and vibrant materials that have skin-friendly softness, beautiful textures, and expressive colours. It’s also 0.5mm thin, extremely bendable, and temperature resistant in the 120 degrees Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius range.

Urban Traveller & Co. MOFT MOVAS Magsafe-Compatible Snap Phone Stand and Wallet

Your returning MOFT favorites—now featuring MOVAS vegan leather—are the Magsafe Compatible Snap-On Phone Stand and Wallet and the new Invisible Tripod, which allows you to position your smartphone in three modes with adjustable angles: Stand Mode (standing similar to the MOFT Flash Wallet Phone Stand), Floating Mode (Allowing your smartphone to stand high and adjustable like a mobile tripod), and Vlogging Mode (for easy handheld recording or viewing).

Urban Traveller & Co. MOFT MOVAS Invisible Tripod

The MOVAS Collection and the MOFT Invisible Tripod are available at all Urban Traveller & Co. stores and online at