MOFT is your key to flexibility.

MOFT is your key to flexibility.

Come what may, you can be ready for anything.

Versatility and mobility are paramount today. The modern pace of life in 2023 demands adaptability and the ability to quickly transition from occasion to occasion. Being on the go means seamlessly shifting from work to leisure, home to travel, and virtual to physical realms. Versatile tools, such as multi-functional gadgets and remote work solutions, enable us to stay agile, efficient, and in sync with the dynamic nature of the world around us.

So how does one make themself the person who’s really down for anything? Tools are key here. What does your day-to-day look like? What sort of work do you want to accomplish? Which elements of my work will prove helpful in being within arm’s reach at all times, and which elements will distract you? Think of the different ways to make your daily function optimal; flexibility and efficiency being the key components here. Here're some steps and tools you can use to become adaptable and ready for anything:

  1. Modular Storage: Invest in modular storage solutions that allow you to easily reconfigure your everyday carry as your needs change. Accessories like different clip-on pouches and storage hooks help you adapt to accommodate various items and setups.
  2. Minimalism: We’ve written previously on the benefits of embracing minimalism in your workspace design. Keep only essential items on your desk and use drawers or shelves for additional storage. This minimalist approach makes it easier to adapt your desk to new tasks.
  3. Personal Touch: Add a touch of personality to your workspace with photos, plants, or motivational quotes. These personal touches can boost your mood and creativity, elevate comfort in the workplace, and improve mental health and clarity, according to Corporate Wellness Magazine.
  4. Flexible Accessories: Choose desk accessories that serve multiple purposes. A desk organiser with interchangeable compartments or a monitor stand with adjustable heights can adapt to different work requirements.
  5. Portable Solutions: Include portable and foldable accessories that you can easily stow away when not in use. Portable laptop stands or foldable desk trays are great examples. MOFT’s Laptop Carry Sleeve and Invisible Stand not only hosts storage for essentials like power adapters, smartphones, and notepads, but also can add 2-3 inches in height elevation for ideal mobile work conditions—in addition to actually protecting your laptop.

     Urban Traveller & Co. Moft Snap Phone Stand and Wallet Coastline Collection

    A great example of tools that cater to tips 4 and 5 are MOFT’s origami-inspired mobile work solutions. The new Back to School collection particularly emphasizes seamless transitions from school to work to home, by offering the highly-favored Adhesive Laptop Stand, The MOFT Laptop Stand weighs a mere 3 oz. and is only 1/10” thick, with a special removable adhesive that conveniently attaches and detaches from your laptop without leaving marks or scratches. The new Coastline Collection, featuring favorites like the Snap Phone Stand and Wallet, brings nature to your tech accessories with colors that channel spaces where the land meets the sea, opening users up to possibilities for work-life-play harmony; the coastline between the three. Flexibility is critical now more than ever. Find Moft’s Back to School Collection and other ingenious life and office solutions at Urban Traveller & Co.