Ostrichpillow’s mission is to change the way you rest.

Ostrichpillow’s mission is to change the way you rest.

Welcome to the Rest Revolution.

Rest is the unsung hero of productivity.

In a world that glorifies non-stop hustle, it's easy to overlook the benefits of good rest. Scientifically, regular and adequate sleep enhances cognitive function, memory consolidation, and problem-solving skills, setting the stage for peak performance. For example, short naps have been shown to improve creativity and problem-solving abilities. The journal "Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin" found that brief periods of rest can enhance divergent thinking, which is essential for generating creative solutions. The Pomodoro Technique, which involves work intervals followed by short breaks, is proven scientifically beneficial. A study published in the journal "Cognition" found that brief breaks during tasks help maintain focus and prevent mental fatigue.

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Beyond sleep, deliberate breaks during work hours prevent burnout, boost focus, and encourage innovative thinking. Even when we rest, our brains continue to process information, leading to eureka moments and fresh insights coming to us seemingly out of nowhere after we’ve woken up. Physical rest also rejuvenates our bodies, bolstering energy levels and overall well-being. By incorporating mindfulness practices, such as meditation and deep breathing, rest becomes a tool to manage stress, further enhancing productivity.

In the pursuit of success, embracing rest as a strategic asset rather than a guilty pleasure can lead to a remarkable transformation in how we approach tasks. It's not just about doing more; it's about doing better. To achieve more, prioritize rest and witness how your productivity will flourish.

Ostrichpillow’s mission is to create a world in which rest is second nature to us.

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Getting good sleep and making space in the day to recharge is just as important to wellbeing as eating well and exercising. Which is why Ostrichpillow champions the Rest Revolution with tools that make it easy to rest anywhere, anytime. For instance, the Go Neck Pillow—now available in Midnight Grey, Deep Blue, Blue Reef, and Dark Night—stands out with its minimalist and user-friendly design, offering timeless elegance coupled with practicality—catch a quick nap against a bus window, in the car, against the bark of a tree, your work desk, or even a park bench. A memory foam filling provides a perfect fit and secure headrest with velcro closures, making it the best option for resting on-the-go.

To help supplement that rest is Ostrichpillow's Bamboo Compression Socks, which enhance circulation and alleviate fatigue. Mayo Clinic shares that compression stockings gently compress your legs, aiding in the more efficient movement of blood by your veins and leg muscles;  a safe, uncomplicated, and cost-effective method to prevent blood stagnation (Even celebrities like Jessica Alba wear them when travelling).

Crafted from bamboo and recycled polyester, the Ostrichpillow Bamboo Compression Socks provide gentle, consistent pressure, fostering optimal blood flow of 8-15 mmHg that helps improve blood flow, decrease muscle soreness, reduce swelling, and prevent blood pooling, all while sustaining freshness. Designed for prolonged wear, the breathable fabric ensures comfort during extended periods; when worn during lengthy flights or spending hours at your desk, they help supplement recovery after extended periods of wear.

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It’s time to start prioritizing these moments of rest so that they become as habitual as washing your hands. Be sure to find other ingenious life and travel solutions at Urban Traveller & Co.