The Ultimate Travel Packing Hacks for Smart Travellers

The Ultimate Travel Packing Hacks for Smart Travellers

We no longer dread packing for travel because of these tips.

Are we still in revenge travel mode? We are, aren’t we? With the summer vacations approaching, we especially have to go all out.

As we pack for the next flight we’re eager to jump into however, there comes that familiar and dreadful stress of having to pack—again. It’s such a pain to have to figure out essentially how to fit all your essentials into your check-in luggage so that your home-away-from-home to truly feels like home. Here’s our list of ingenious tried-and-tested travel packing hacks that saved our necks on our past few trips.


Urban Traveller & Co. Packing Hacks

1. Pack by outfits

When you’re packing, carefully consider your itinerary. For work trips, assemble complete outfits for every meeting and event, and for leisure trips, coordinate your clothes with your activities. Using the Evergoods Transit Duffel can make this process smoother. Its spacious design and easy accessibility allow you to organize and reach your outfits effortlessly, ensuring you’re prepared for any occasion without overpacking. 

    2. Place shoes inside shower caps

    As a space-saving packing tip, pop your shoes into disposable plastic shower caps you find in hotel rooms. This keeps the grubby soles away from your clothes and is a nifty alternative to shoe bags. And hey, don’t forget—the insides of your shoes make great extra storage space for socks too!

    3. Use packing cubes to make the most of your space

    Employing packing hacks to save space can significantly streamline your travel preparation, such as using EVERGOODS, Rains, or Black Ember packing cubes to organize your essentials. 


      Urban Traveller & Co. Black Ember Packing Cube Large

      Packing cubes are game changers—one for tops, another for pants, one for underwear, one for belts and socks and a small one for chargers. The cells are at the bottom of the hard-shell suitcase, and up top, you’ve got shoes, a hair dryer, some novels, and other must-haves.

      Additionally, storing your bath, body, and skincare samples in these cubes not only keeps your items neatly arranged but also ensures you have a full range of products for any trip. This organized approach means you’re well-equipped for personal care, no matter where your travels take you.

      4. Line belts along the side walls of your suitcase

      ...rather than twirling them. Their compact design allows you to bring more items thanks to their ease of storage. Plus, it prevents them from getting wrinkled or creased.

      5. Pack a hard case for travel

      If you’re not into unpacking, a hardshell suitcase with a zipped top half can double up as a makeshift dresser. Organise your items methodically, placing each category within the suitcase's designated section. Upon arrival at your hotel, simply open it up to reveal two spacious and meticulously organised shelves containing all your essentials. The Carl Friedrik Luggage are perfect for this.


      Carl Friedrik Luggage Carl Fiedrik The Trunk All Black


      6. Use a collapsible bag

      One of the best travel packing tips is to use a collapsible bag—you’ll thank us later! A collapsible duffel bag like the Rains Hilo Weekend Bag can serve as an extra carry-on item or as an additional piece of checked luggage. Because of this, there will be no need to hurriedly repack an overstuffed bag at the check-in counter.

      7. Get yourself a weight scale for luggage

      Get yourself a portable scale for luggage and bring it along. You definitely don’t want to get to the airport only to realize your bag is too big and scramble to repack, toss items, or—even worse—fork out for extra baggage fees. The UTC Essentials Digital Luggage Scale features a clear digital display, accurate measurements in kilograms or pounds, a built-in 1m measuring tape, and a weight level indicator to provide visual cues.

      8. Repurpose carabiners

      Another packing tip for travellers is to use carabiners. Carabiners are so useful when you end up buying more stuff than planned and need extra space in your luggage. Just hook on your water bottle, slippers, hiking shoes... and you’re good to go! The different iterations of Heroclip are ingenious carabiners that can hold up to 60lbs in weight, and can even expand into hooks in case you need to suspend your bags.

      9. Use boarding kits

      Airports are hectic places, so you’ll want to have to keep your essentials on hand. Using something like Black Ember boarding kits keeps your important items like passports, tickets, tablets, and phones safe and sound but within reach whenever you need them. And the best part? They slot right into your travel routine, making packing and unpacking absolutely effortless. It’s like having a travel assistant that fits right in your bag, ready to make every trip smoother and more stylish. 

      10. Have a dedicated bag for laptops

      Are you travelling with your laptops and other gadgets? Consider putting them in a separate bag. Opt for a waterproof or water-resistant bag like the Rains Laptop Bag to safeguard your device from the elements. Moreover, always keep your laptop bag with you as carry-on luggage to avoid damage and theft that can occur with checked bags. This travel packing tip not only keeps your laptop secure but also ensures it is readily accessible for work or entertainment during your journey.


      Alpaka Tech Case Alpaka Elements Tech Case Mini Eco-RX30 Edition


      11. Keep your cables tidy

      Don’t let your cables wander around your bag! Embrace the freedom of clutter-free travel using cable organisers like the Alapaka Elements Tech Case Mini. Neatly organising your cables and tech essentials frees you from the hassle of untangling wires, allowing you to focus on enjoying your travel.

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