ProShield Plus

PROSHIELD: Providing Practical Protection

At a time when maintaining good health is key for survival, protection should be the utmost priority. One must pull out all the stops to ensure that they are well-equipped to face the new challenges that await them in this changing world.

Urban Traveller & Co. partners with ProShield in making sure that the community stands a chance against increasing health hazards. ProShield can be that line of defense that saves users from invisible foes hanging thick in the air – winning the day with a dash of practicality.




Safety and Comfort

ProShield is created through 3D contour centre stitching to maximize comfort. This stretchable fabric mask has water-repellent finishing and antibacterial properties that make it a force in filtering harmful airborne bacteria. ProShield Plus users can even avail of filter pads to boost its effectiveness.


Multi-Layered Protection

ProShield takes pride in its 3-ply design made to guard against moisture and vaporous particles. Its first and outermost layer prevents water droplets from seeping into the mask. The second built-in layer made using non-woven fabric keeps out dust and particles. Lastly, the third and innermost layer exists to stop bacteria from growing and multiplying.



The ProShield mask can be washed for cleansing before it can be used again. This can be done up to thirty times, eliminating the need to purchase disposable masks at different points in time. This reduces waste and is a more convenient option.

Your health is your responsibility. Secure your future by being more mindful of the present. Arm yourself with a reliable ProShield mask and be brave enough to live your every day.