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Safety Unlocked with KeySmart's CleanKey

Even with all our senses intact, it’s hard to pinpoint contaminated areas and guarantee that we and our loved ones are out of harm’s way. As life slowly begins to pull people out from the safety of their homes and into the still precarious environment beyond, the need for protection becomes even more paramount.

More than essential personal protective equipment, it is recommended to look at other ways that can lower the chances of us getting in contact with dirty public surfaces that may prove fatal. Urban Traveller & Co. takes one step ahead with the CleanKey, a nifty hand tool manufactured by KeySmart that can help users avoid contaminated surfaces.


This Alloy is an Ally

The KeySmart CleanKey is created by machining uncoated premium 260 Brass Copper Alloy that is made to reduce point-of-contact area by over 99%. Extremely handy, the CleanKey can be carried easily via KeySmart or any other keychain. Cleaning it is definitely not a hassle, as all it takes is a steel wool or a disinfectant wipe, which will not tarnish or corrode the brass.

The CleanKey in Action

There are various scenarios that makes CleanKey a great every day companion. With its ergonomic design, the Keysmart CleanKey can be used on pulling levers, or opening doors to the grocery or office. For errands such as store checkouts and digital signatures, the CleanKey can act as a stylus for touchscreens. It is also a dependable tool for pressing buttons on the elevator or credit card machines. 

Now that the doors to a new normal is being forced wide open, it is time to unlock every possible opportunity to maintain your health and well-being. Do not take for granted what one unguarded touch can result to. Secure your safety with Keysmart CleanKey.