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Sit Still, Stand Strong with the New Moft Z

There are various factors that drive people to immerse themselves in work. Some are blessed enough to have a job where they get to do what they love and be compensated for it, while others possess an admirable sense of duty and become restless knowing that there are still tasks that warrant their attention.

Whatever the motive, it doesn’t change the fact that extended work hours spent typing away on a desk can result to serious discomfort that affects not just the body, but also the spirit. For the passionate professional, Urban Traveller & Co. recommends MOFT Z – the 4-in-1 invisible sit-stand laptop desk that can help break one’s sedentary habits.

Work with Ease

Developed with a golden Z structure, MOFT Z allows users to switch from sitting to standing desk just by unfolding it. Those who would prefer to sit as they toil away still have a number of options that will ensure that the desk fits their sight height at all times. Depending on their activity, the incredibly versatile MOFT Z can be adjusted to an angle of 250, 450, or 600. 

Moft Z

Work without Borders

After a long day at work, the last thing you’ll need is to get stressed with putting everything away. MOFT Z can easily be set aside – with one fold, it is reduced to a size reminiscent of a thin book. Should the inspiration to work someplace else strike, you just have to grab it and stuff it in your backpack. It’s so light that you wouldn’t even feel that it’s there.

Work with Confidence

While it can appear very compact, its thinness does not equate to fragility. Having a rock-steady Z structure, a tri-angle bottom support, and tough panels made of fiberglass, you can rest easy knowing that your laptop is in good hands. It is relatively strong as well, with the capacity to hold a device weighing up to 22 lbs., proving once again that there is more to MOFT Z than meets the eye.

It’s not a crime to spend extra hours for work from time to time, but it is a disservice to pursue your goals even when your body and soul are in pain. Work without wearing yourself thin. Work with MOFT Z.