Sling It Out!

Sling It Out!

There is no denying that the pandemic has changed our lives in more ways than one. The new normal came like a bolt from the blue and brought quite a significant change in our lifestyles. From wearing face masks in public, keeping a safe distance from people, to disinfecting our hands more frequently than ever - these are just some of the things that we had to adapt to in this new era. In a sense, we became more mindful of what we touch and bring in and out of the house.

Even I, who was once a girl scout with a huge bag, had to learn how to limit my everyday carry. I was one of those people who had to have things that I don’t use (but that I might just need) alongside the things that I actually need. Then came the pandemic, and I had to reconsider my choice of bag if only to avoid carrying something that the virus could hold on to.

This is where my sling bags take charge. The once-forgotten bag is now massively picked out for its size and usability. What’s excellent about sling bags is their ability to hold a lot while being held with minimal effort. You can fit all of your essentials in the bag and wear it around the body so conveniently that you immediately have access to your stuff without scrambling around.


Urban Traveller and Co Bellroy Venture Sling


The fact that you can carry this bag easily without worrying about its security is the reason why travelers, cyclists, commuters, and now even office workers tend to navigate towards this type of bag. It is practical and stylish, not to mention its ergonomic style and the Gen-X vibes this bag gives off.


If you are interested in switching to team sling, look no further! Urban Traveller & Co. has a bunch of sling bags for you to choose from. We have handpicked different styles to see which will fit your lifestyle.


Bellroy Venture Sling


UTC Bellroy Venture Sling


The Bellroy Venture Sling is tailored for the adventurous who has quite a lot of stuff but still likes to keep things organized. This bag features an ultra-wide opening and a zipper that opens on both ends to allow easy access to your essentials. It is designed with multiple pockets to keep your things sorted and a soft-lined pouch that will keep your specs and electronics from any scratches.


 Urban Traveller Bellroy Sling


It is engineered with an expandable gusset that expands the bag as you fill it. With its 9L capacity, you can even throw in a light jacket, a gaming device, a camera, and all the rays of sunshine that you’ve pocketed throughout your day. And we assure you; it will not budge. If you are an office worker who prefers to go on adventures after work, or a person who's into traveling in style, this is the bag for you.


Freitag F645 Phelps


UTC Freitag Phelps


Freitag prides itself as a company that makes one-off bags using truck tarps, seat belts, and bicycle inner tubes. Phelps is no exception. This bag can be worn across the body or sit nicely on your hips. It is perfect for those who like all things minimal as its truck tarp design can only be subtly seen from the inside or on the side once the bag is filled up.

We do not know if this is named after Michael Phelps, but we are sure this will pass his standards for an everyday carry bag.


Freitag F640 Rollin 


UTC Freitag Rollin


As its name suggests, Rollin is one of Freitag’s expandable shoulder bags. Made with a PET extension that you can unroll, this bag can transform into a tote bag for when you need additional space. It also comes with multiple pockets: one outside, two inside, and a zippable safety compartment at the back. You can choose from ten designs, all made from the same quality materials.

A grocery run after work? A trophy from school? This is the perfect bag for those who love to win and bring home the bacon.