Timeless Leather Christmas Gifts To Give To Your Family and Friends

Timeless Leather Christmas Gifts To Give To Your Family and Friends

There are plenty of giftable pieces available on the market, perfect for every age and personality. Urban Traveller & Co. cuts through the exciting Christmas clutter to give you some of our top recommendations when it comes to the best classic leather gifts you can give to your kith and kins. 


Urban Traveller and Co Secrid Leather Card Wallet RFID Safe


Offering several pocket-sized essentials, Secrid is one of the leading brands for leather products. Launched in 2009, this Holland-based company started the new wallet era when it launched its card wallet that protects your cards, privacy, money, and the environment. 

Secrid is known for its premium leather type made exclusively for them. This leather is scratch-proof and water-resistant and uses a unique tanning technique that becomes more elegant over time.

Skim through Secrid’s impressive assortment of leather products, such as card protectors, mini wallets, and Slimwallets.

Urban Traveller and Co Bellroy


With its broad range of leather goods, Bellroy quickly bagged our recommendations when it comes to classic leather pieces. Rooted in Australia, this company concentrates on supplying products that positively impact its users and the environment.  

Suss out Bellroy’s formidable assortment of leather products, such as wallets for men and women, RFID-protected cardholders, and passport holders. They’ve got leather bags, too, to help you move around the world with ease and confidence. 


Urban Traveller and Co Orbitkey Leather Key Organizer


Developing a product stemming from the frustrating, clunky sounds on the pockets, OrbitKey offers one of the most innovative yet simple products everyone must have in their pockets. The intentional OrbitKey Key Organizer is made with grain leather that neatly and silently stacks your keys. This award-winning mechanism can easily carry 2-7 keys all at the same time. 

Are you interested in their other leather products? Check out OrbitKeys’ products that will make your work-life easy and clutter-free. Look into their Desk Mat for an organized desk and ID Card Holder Pro for quick access to your cards, IDs, and keycards.