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#WorkRemote: Redefining the Meaning of Work from Home Essentials

With the global pandemic disrupting social norms, working from home is no longer a foreign concept for corporations and employees alike. As more individuals stay indoors, the boundary between ‘office’ and ‘home’ becomes unclear and often affects your productivity and efficiency at work. 

As more people continue to work remotely it’s important to have a devoted work space within your home where you can focus on your tasks. To those who are planning to have their own working area or already have one, here are work from home essentials from Urban Traveller & Co. 


Moft Adhesive Laptop Stand


Moft Laptop Stand

The Moft Laptop Stand is the ultimate pair for your computer - it’s light, durable, and  functional. Its magnetic feature leaves your device scratch and mark-free and its two elevation adjustments prevents discomfort and potential neck and shoulder pains.


Orbitkey Nest


Orbitkey Nest and Desk Mat 

Keep your desk neat for a decluttered and productive mind with the Orbitkey Nest. It’s a portable and compact storage for all your essentials such as keys, cards, and pens. The best part? You can charge anytime, anywhere you are in the house with its 10W wireless charging pad. 


Keysmart CleanLight Air


Keysmart CleanLight Air

Increase your focus with a cleaner and more workable environment with Keysmart CleanLight Air. It’s designed with a 360 degree H13 HEPA filter, that removes 99% of particles including dust, smoke, pet hairs, and other air pollutants. It can also act as a humidifier, adding essential oils for better focus and productivity.