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The Ultimate Wallet Gift Guide For Men

Here's a tip for the ladies. Giving a gift to your significant other might seem hard to accomplish. But that's because there are only a few stores that are dedicated to catering to men.

The modern gentleman has made leaps and bounds in terms of their carry needs. A traditional wallet is no longer applicable given multitude of things that are now essential today.

 Secrid Wallet in Action

The best answer is always born of the correct question as the starting point. In this journey of finding the best gift to your husband or boyfriend, we’ll guide you in the wonderful maze of today’s gentleman wallet needs.


The Objective: Comfort and Convenience || Carry Method

Will he carry his wallet in his front pocket, back pocket or in a utility bag?

Front Pocket: Bellroy Note Sleeve

 Note Sleeve flatlay

Carry Capacity: 8-12 cards, Up to 10 Bills, Nano-sim card, key and a few coins

The Front Pocket entails two main considerations – Size and Thinness. No guy wants a wallet peeking and bulging out from his pocket as that is an ugly sight to behold.

 pocket bulge
(Photo from GQ) 


The Bellroy Note Sleeve’s design profile is based to be as concealed as possible. It follows the shape of the leg where it favors being more vertical then horizontal unlike traditional wallets out there. This design philosophy is the main reason why the Note Sleeve is the best selling wallet of the brand of all time.

It is slim (just 85mm) and stores flat bills, no need to fold! It doesn’t compromise on capacity as it can still carry all of the daily essentials. The quick pull tab is an ingenious mechanism that allows for storage capacity (7 cards!) while keeping the thickness to a minimum.

 Note Sleeve In Action

Back Pocket:

The back pocket allows for more wiggle room. The danger of putting a wallet in the back pocket is causing pain on the back. This is commonly known as the Hip Pocket Syndrome. The diagram from the Stockton Chiropractic Clinic illustrates the syndrome perfectly.




To avoid this issue, a guy must constantly pull out his wallet whenever he sits down. The wallet will be placed on the table for all the world to see and observe. People often miss out on the fact that this contributes greatly to the overall impression of the bearer.


The Solution: Gnome & Bow Regent Billfold

 Gnome N Bow Flatlay

Carry Capacity: 12 cards, 25 Bills, Receipts, Calling Cards and Coins



The Regent Billfold is closer to a traditional wallet than the Note Sleeve. Its best qualities are more aesthetic. The design exudes class, sophistication and sleekness.



The craft philosophy of the wallet is all about attention to detail. It is made up of Full Grain US Cow Leather with Sheep Thread Lining and Hand Stitched Red Thread on its ends. The beauty and elegance of the wallet with the two tone color embodies the duality of Dr. Jekyll & Hyde from which the inspiration came from.

Utility Bag:

If the wallet is carried inside a utility bag, then it must be versatile. It must be able to organize a lot of the daily essentials while enabling the user to go from big to small.

The Solution: Bellroy Carry Out

Carry Out Wallet 

Carry Capacity: 16 cards, Tons of Cash and Coins, Calling Cards, Up to 5.5 icnh Smartphone (With slim casing) / IPhone 7 Plus. 

The Carry Out Wallet is all about versatility. You can bring a lot with this wallet due to its size and compartmentalization.

What sets this one apart from the rest is the detachable slim wallet. The idea behind it? A quick run to the convenience store or the café without needing to bring the whole wallet. The mini wallet can be folded into two and will snap together thanks to its magnetic lock. This ensures that your carry essentials don’t fall out. Take a look below.

Slimwallet Carry Out Detached 


The first part of this guide only tackles the everyday routine or the all-rounder lifestyle. But we all know guys nowadays have different functional needs due to work or hobbies. Let's dive a lot deeper.


Question: What Function Does He Need? How Will It Fit His Lifestyle?

The Minimalist Lifestyle

He only wants to carry the bare minimum. He understands that he doesn’t need to bring everything because his priority is having a slim and efficient profile. He is very goal oriented and doesn’t want a lot of distractions. No extra baggage.


The Solution: Enter The Money Clip

Dun Flatlay

Urban Traveller & Co. has a lot offering in this department but the best is – The Dun Wallet

Dun Wallet With Contents

Carry Capacity: 6-7 cards, 8 Bills and Some Calling Cards


The World’s Thinnest Wallet at only 0.2inch. The Dun Wallet evolves the principle of the money clip and combining it with credit card slots. The minimalist of today will bring a few bills but will certainly bring cards.


Comparison of wallets

The Adventurer or Outdoor Enthusiast

He likes to go out into the mountains or beaches. Exploring new ground is his passion as he seeks adventure and expanding horizons. He needs to be prepared as he brings a lot of things and must protect them for what lies ahead.


The Solution: Bellroy All Conditions Wallet

All Conditions Water Resistant

Carry Capacity: 4-12+ Cards, Cash and Coins


Made from Water Resistant Leaderwith a YKK Aqua Guard Zipper, the all conditions wallet from Bellroy is there to protect your essentials from the harsh elements. This wallet is the finishing step to being prepared, after all it will protect your funding and your identity.


Bellroy Adventurer 2  


The Digital Nomad

 You keep wandering around, moving from one meeting to another whether be it to the café outside your office or a business trip abroad. Given that you’re constantly in motion, security becomes vital. You want to protect your credit and identity from being hacked and stolen. Thieves are becoming more high tech with scanners or even with the new NFC enabled smartphone that can easily steal your private information in your credit card.

The Solution: Secrid Miniwallet

Secrid Composition 

The card protector is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protection ready. This means that while inside the wallet cards will not be scanned by any device. This ensures the digital nomad peace of mind and allows him to freely go about his day.



The digital nomad is also needs quick access to his cards and a few bills. The Secrid Miniwallet has a card drawer mechanism that brings out the cards in a stacked manner ensuring that it will be easy to pick the right card for the corresponding transaction.


It also comes in a variety of colors and leathers that make for great conversation starters.

 Secrid display


The Jetsetter


He keeps traveling a lot and constantly goes through airports. He needs something that makes moving a lot easier.


The Solution: The Bellroy Travel Wallet

 Travel Wallet

(Photo from

Carry Capacity: Passport, Boarding Pass, Cash, Micro Pen, 8-12 Credit Cards, Nano Sim Card, Keys and Coins


 Bellroy Travel Wallet

The Bellroy Travel wallet was made with the traveler in mind. Everything you need to make airport life easier. The micro pen handles all of the pesky forms that need to be filled out and the sim card slot allows for easy swapping to the local sim. It also comes with a RFID protection ready version to ensure security and peace of mind.