Qwstion Weekender Organic Jet Black

When its time to QWSTION THE NORM

Have you ever thought about reinventing the way you live? Challenging what you or others have always done or held as true? It is not uncommon, these thoughts. Question is, what have you done about it?

A team of passionate industrial and graphic designers in Switzerland led by Sebastian Kruit pondered about the same things way back in 2008. And their questions have led them to the birth of a new and revolutionary carry brand – QWSTION.


At a time when normal becomes boring fast, one has to find ways to capture the interest of an easily distracted audience. For QWSTION, it’s all about questioning the norm and sticking to a vision of improvement to enhance an already timeless piece. As manufacturers, they put their heart and soul into picking the right materials, distributing items, and branding so that each QWSTION item is worthy of the urban human being.

QWSTION makes use of premium and environment-friendly materials for its line of products. The shell is made from natural, water-repellent fabrics such as cotton, hemp, and linen, while belts and straps are either nylon or cotton. A carry’s metallic parts are aluminum or steel, and handles and details are made of vegetable tanned leather, which darken and becomes softer over time. Some may think differently about the irregularities that natural materials are inherent with, but QWSTION believes that these add a touch of individuality to every bag.


QWSTION is not merely a fashion brand; rather it is a brand for products that question and refine the shapes of people’s heritage. The next time you find yourself looking for a refreshing change, break new ground with Qwstion.

Does this brand suit your impeccable taste? Shop Qwstion online at www.urbantravellerco.com or visit the UTC stores in Greenbelt 5 and Alter Ego.

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