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How to care for your Secrid wallet

Your Secrid wallet is an investment; one whose return pays off the more you use it. Its ease of use, aluminium card protection features, and sleek, compact size make it a great everyday carry that lasts in the long run, which makes it one of the best billfold wallets you’ll find today. But as aware as we can be of how much a Secrid wallet can help us, we need to be aware of how we can take care of it.

What can happen to our Secrid wallets? How do we avoid them? How can we fix them if these issues occur? Read on further to see how you can give your Secrid wallet the care it deserves and repairs it may need.

secrid wallet inside
secrid wallet inside


How to clean the Secrid Cardprotector

The Cardprotector is made of anodised aluminium, plastic, and stainless steel and is impervious to water. The Cardprotector can be cleaned with a soft cloth and soap and rinsed with warm water. Note however that the salt in seawater can affect the metals, so rinsing the Cardprotector with fresh water after contact with salt water is much recommended. Before using your wallet again, make sure the mechanism is completely dry.

How to care for the leather on a Secrid wallet

No regular maintenance is needed for Secrid wallets. If the wallet gets dirty, the best way to clean it will depend on the type of leather the wallet is made of. If the leather is water repellant like the crisple, diamond, and matte variants, use a damp cloth to wipe it down. These leathers are unlikely to absorb water or other materials. Do not use any polish. If it’s a water absorbing leather like the original, metallic, ornament, or fuel variants, we recommend not cleaning them. Any water used may change its colour. If your wallet gets wet, use a soft cloth to carefully pat it dry.

Take note as well that colour differences are to be expected in any Secrid Vintage wallet. Secrid’s Vintage Leather has natural chromatic variations that make each wallet unique. Should a Secrid Vintage wallet need cleaning, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.


If your cards are falling out of the Cardprotector

Cardprotectors are designed to hold cards securely. The red felt pads on the inside keep your cards in place. They may wear off after a few years of use, which may cause a looser grip on cards. This issue can temporarily be fixed by taking a key and rubbing its teeth on the felt pads to roughen them up again. The best long term solution however would be to have them replaced at any of our Urban Traveller & Co. branches.

If you can’t extract your cards from the Cardprotector

Secrid Cardprotectors typically will be able to store around four to six cards at a time. If storing cards with embossed details, leaving one card out will make for easier use. Storing more cards or cards that are broader than a standard credit card may result in them getting stuck inside the Cardprotector.

To solve this possible complication, Secrid designed the Salamander, a new lever mechanism for the Cardprotector in 2016. This safety mechanism splits in half when extra force is applied, resulting in a higher internal force to push the cards out. In order to deactivate the safety mechanism, press the ejector lever firmly back into the Cardprotector until you hear a strong click. Now the Cardprotector should function properly again, and you can remove all cards. If you have an older wallet without the new safety mechanism, we recommend either finding the nearest Urban Traveller & Co. Store to replace it, or contacting our Customer Service.

If the lever on your Cardprotector is loose

When the lever feels unusually loose, you may have triggered the Salamander mechanism. This safety mechanism allows the ejection of cards should they get stuck inside the Cardprotector. To deactivate the mechanism, press the ejector lever firmly back into the Cardprotector until you hear a strong click. Your Cardprotector should now work smoothly again.


If your wallet has a product defect

If your wallet has a production error, you can return it for a free repair within two years after purchase or three years if you've registered it in stores or on the UTC website. Premium wallets have a standard four-year warranty, extended to five years after product registration. Urban Traveller & Co. stores offer Secrid Care & Repair, and you can have your wallet repaired there.

How long does my warranty period last?

For all Secrid wallets, We offer a standard warranty period of two years. You can also extend your warranty for a total of three years when you register your product at Premium wallets have a standard four-year warranty, extended to five years after product registration. Should you have further questions regarding Secrid’s terms of warranty, please send an e-mail to us at or contact Secrid directly at

How do I register my Secrid wallet?

Every Secrid wallet has been given a unique serial number since 2015, engraved on the inside of the Cardprotector. Visit Secrid’s product registration page and enter this unique code to register your product for an additional year of warranty and a certificate of authenticity.


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