Bellroy Venture Sling 10L Camera Edition

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Under the Radar

With its slim shape, versatility and easy one-handed access, this sling keeps you nimble on photoshoots and everyday adventures.

This updated camera version has a removable padded sleeve too, which is very welcome when carrying the extra weight associated with cameras, lenses, and their accessories. Just like the original Venture 9L, the shoulder strap is removable thanks to the custom duraflex hardware and through this strap design and hardware, it still self compresses when not full. I feel as though the removable strap is even more significant on the camera sling, as it allows this to be used as a camera cube. The opening is accessible from either end thanks to the two way shingleback zipper, and the YKK® AquaGuard zip has kept all of my precious camera equipment dry. This is a gloss zipper, which seems like a smart choice given the longevity and chipping issues that you hear about with the matte version of the same zipper. This is a sling designed for the outdoors after all.

Design Insights

  • Fits a variety of camera setups
  • Self-compressing gussets adapt to your load, and keep the bag slim
  • Shingleback double-ended zipper creates ultra-wide opening
  • Adjustable padded dividers fit a variety of camera/lens setups
  • Quick-access front zip pocket, with key clip and lens cap storage
  • Soft-lined mesh zip pocket with designated storage for 3 batteries
  • Stretch slip pockets at each end fit SD card cases and more
  • Fully padded body for extra protection
  • Detachable, ambidextrous padded shoulder strap
  • Quick Slide buckle for one handed strap adjustment
  • Can be worn front or back
  • Detachable tripod carry straps with integrated anchor loops
  • Water-resistant zippers
  • Durable, water-resistant ripstop fabric
  • Leather-free construction
  • Backed by our 3-year warranty

Key Facts

  • Volume: 10L
  • Dimensions: External: 215 x 360 x 120mm
  • Internal: 190 x 270 x 100mm
  • Max. lens length (vertical): 175mm
  • Max. lens length (horizontal): 230mm
  • Weight: 500g

Who it suits, how have I used it?

If you’re a photographer, this is made for you. Sleek design, excellent materials, and flawless functionality should put this right at the top of your list of considerations.

Who it doesn’t suit

10L is a relatively sizable sling, and when packed out it can be weighty. If you prefer a minimalist look and smaller carry look to their 6L non camera options. If you’re looking for an Everyday Carry sling, this could be too niche for you.


The amount of pockets on the Venture camera sling drops from the EDC version, and there are technically only four pockets compared to eleven on the 9L. Two mesh pockets internally, a zippered pocket on the inside lid, and then the front zippered pocket. However, each of these pockets also has a lot of internal slip pocketing. The lid pocket has three slots for batteries or memory cards, is microfiber lined, and has a stretch mesh so you could accommodate larger accessories.

The side pockets are stretchy enough to house a lens or large accessory such as a flash or drone battery, but lay completely flat out of the way if not in use. The front pocket has two stretch mesh slips, which are also microfibre lined, these are meant for lens caps, but I found them to be better for EDC, particularly when paired with the key loop. My wallet, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and keys fit in there comfortably with room to spare. I thought I would miss the extra organisation pockets that lived on the rear wall of the 9L version, but in use, I didn’t want for them. This is definitely more of a specialist sling, but I’ve found it to be plenty useful for EDC in a pinch.

What’s most notably different when you open the sling is the dividers. Designed for any array of equipment, these dividers are attached and ‘float’ on a very similar mesh to the end pockets. There are two dividers, one rigid, and one foldable. The foldable one allows you to create a shelf for a larger gripped body, or to house a smaller APSC lens underneath. I’ve grown to love these dividers as I traditionally find the loud, scratchy, and inflexible dividers of other slings a bit cumbersome. If, like me, you change your loadout on the daily due to your work, traditional camera slings with velcro attachments require a good 10-15 minutes of configuration to make sure that you can fit what you need in the sling. With these attached floating dividers, you just put the body, lens, or drone in the sling and with a quick wiggle, you’re ready to go. Now that I’ve become accustomed to how quick those transitions are, it’s hard to see me going back the other way, particularly for sling carry.

Venture sling capacity


Our largest crossbody bag, the Venture Sling 9L is roomy enough to fit an extra jacket, or a Nintendo Switch™, or a couple bottles of wine, or… well you get the idea.


The innovative zipper opens from both ends, creating an ultra wide opening that lets you see and grab everything in your sling, without rummaging.


Jumbled gear is no good, so we filled this sling with pockets of all kinds – zipped, slip, pop-out, soft-lined – to keep your things separate and sorted.


Fill it up with gear for a day hike, and the expansion gusset grows. Carry just the bare essentials around town, and it self compresses to stay slim.

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