Secrid Twinwallet Saffiano Leather

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With two Cardprotectors to hold double the content, the Twinwallet carries up to 16 cards, banknotes and receipts, but remains compact in size.

Experience the epitome of sophistication with the Secrid Twinwallet Saffiano Leather. Crafted with full-grain leather, this wallet offers a luxurious aesthetic that's further enhanced by its wax-treated cross-hatch finish, making it highly scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean.

Equipped with a patented mechanism, the Twinwallet allows you to access your cards effortlessly, while RFID protection safeguards your credit and debit cards from scanning. Carrying up to 16 cards and 10 bills of cash, this wallet is set to become the statement piece of your accessory collection.


PROTECT YOUR CARDS from unwanted scanners. Aluminium protects your cards from damage and unwanted wireless communication.

Secrid RFID Safe Wallet
Secrid Animation Card Mechanism

Quick Access in Style

Secrid has over 16 Leathers with a variety of color combinations with card protectors. You'll surely find the one that matches your personality

Carry Your Essentials

Leave behind all the bulk and carry only what you need securely in your pocket. Each Cardprotector can carry up to 5 cards and the wallet can hold 10 bills

Secrid Wallet Capacity

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