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Banale Masks for Airborne Threats

When stepping out of our homes, one of our first lines of defense in this new normal setup is the mask. With the growing demand, countless brands have sprouted worldwide, offering different masks - plain or with design, disposable or reusable, with valves or without valves. 

The Banale brand, known for its urban empowerment, strategically came up with masks perfect for the new normal lifestyle. The Urban Traveller & Co. presents you with two of Banale's most popular face masks to help you get through the risks of pollution, viruses, and bacterias.



Banale Mask

Considered one of Banale's most innovative products, the Banale Mask provides you total protection from various threats found in our air. It has a washable cover that traps big dust, while its 4-layer filter catches small particles.

Banale also prioritizes your comfort as they designed this mask with guaranteed comfort. It is for day-long use and won't slide down as you ride your bikes. Also, it is helmet and glasses-friendly, leaving no gap where small particles might creep in.


Vince Golangco of When In Manila reviews Banale Mask


On top of these features, Banale masks can be washed regularly, which works as your sustainable option that can last for years. Simultaneously, its filter can be changed every two to three months for sanitary purposes.


Banale Silver Mask

The Banale Silver mask features a Silver layer that has natural antibacterial properties. It was designed for commuters and bikers who are highly exposed to pollution. Worry not about its size, as Banale engineered this to be adaptable to any face shapes and sizes, leaving no gap where airborne particles might get in.

This mask gives you 24/7 protection from harmful pathogens without the risk of side effects. It also prevents foul stench as it prevents the accumulation of bacteria-causing odor. Inserted inside it is the replaceable 7-layer filter that will protect you 95% from PM 2.5, Pm 10, pollen, and bacteria.
Whatever mask you decide to buy, the most important is it must properly cover your nose, chin, and mouth. You must feel comfortable breathing in it and wash your hands every time you touch it.


With the rising cases of patients infected with Covid-19, we can't be too cautious. Despite the presence of Covid-19 vaccines, we still need to be extra careful as uncertainties are inevitable. This "less restrictive phase of the pandemic" means we have to be more vigilant not for ourselves but also for the people that surround us. Stay safe and mask up, everyone.