Moft Laptop Stand

Exploring An Alternative Learning Angle with MOFT X Tablet Stand

In response to the current global situation, houses are becoming more than just living quarters. Adults have turned rooms into their personal offices, and the kids are getting in on the action, too. With schools being closed for the meantime, play spaces at home are being transformed into classrooms – with devices such as tablets serving as windows to new, digital venues for learning.

With the demand for the more affordable and portable tablet steadily increasing, it would be wise to invest on tools that can maximize the experience of learning through this medium. For Urban Traveller & Co., the perfect complement to the tablet has got to be the MOFT Tablet Stand.

Moft Tablet Stand


A Strong Foundation

As with the traditional style of teaching, online learning aims to be interactive. Having the MOFT Tablet Stand steadily supporting the tablet in one place will allow pupils to write, consult physical references, and do other activities while their teacher streams educational modules. 


Perfection from All Sides

Kids are known for having a shorter attention span, but even this shouldn’t be a problem. The MOFT Tablet Stand can be readily adjusted to provide the best viewing angle that a student prefers at any given time. There really is no dull moment with the many device positions made possible by MOFT.


Slim Yet Powerful

For its younger, more excitable masters, it’s easy for tablets to get dragged around throughout a day of learning. The MOFT Tablet Stand may be slim, but what it lacks in thickness, it makes up for in durability. The MOFT Tablet Stand underwent several tests of strength that proved it can withstand force with ease.


Moft Laptop


Learning is not confined within the four corners of the classroom. As opportunities to receive education expand and the days get busier, make sure to have the MOFT Tablet Stand to accompany today’s young learners.