Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023

Urban Traveller & Co. is proud to offer the Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023, a set of tools that make the frequent transitions between motherhood and self-care more seamless and fluid because moms deserve to mother themselves too.

The thing about self-care is that inasmuch as it is about the self, it doesn’t come as naturally to ourselves as it should. Our post-hustle culture world may see the younger generations embracing self-care, but that the recurring generational notion of ‘this generation doesn’t wanna work anymore,’ is seen as laziness and apathy of the youth rather than a shift in the standards of work performance is an indicator: self-care is not second nature to us yet.

Mothers face a more precarious situation because the act of caring for children does not give mothers the luxury of clocking out, and the ‘compensation’ motherhood offers is rarely material or quantifiable. The fact of the matter is, motherhood, like any other kind of work, can lead to burn out if moms don’t give themselves a break, a treat. This is especially true in the commonness of the term “mom guilt,” wherein mothers feel that everything they do is inadequate; that whether it’s for their kids or for themselves, “I could be doing more.” Dr. Amit Sen, Psychiatrist, Director and Founder of the mental health institute Children First, says "the pressure of helping children perform comes on the mother. That can be really overwhelming and result in an immense amount of stress that can lead to serious mental health issues.”

It’s high time that moms be allowed to relieve themselves of at least some of that guilt. Indulgent as it may seem, self-care has been scientifically proven to improve the care that mothers give and the development of their children, in addition to the mother’s own health. Being organised, maintaining basic health habits, scheduling “me-time,” and asking for help are great ways to start. If we are to believe the saying that we must first pour into our own cup before we can pour someone else’s, that especially rings true for moms everywhere. A mom that engages in self-care? It’s giving mother.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Urban Traveller & Co. is proud to offer the Mother’s Day Gift Guide, a set of tools that make the frequent transitions between motherhood and self-care more seamless and fluid. 


Urban Traveller & Co. Mother's Day Gift Guide


The KonMari | Orbitkey Nest is the same compact desk organiser tray case you love, inspired by Marie Kondo\s tidy principles. The Nest comes wrapped in a beautiful sashiko-patterned indigo and cream furoshiki cloth, and features stone, black, and grey colourways that work with any aesthetic or design principle. The KonMari Orbitkey Nest will revolutionise the carrying of any mother’s everyday essentials.


KonMari | Orbitkey Nest


Best paired with the KonMari | Orbitkey Nest is the Secrid Premium wallet. An elevated take on an already revolutionary daily essential, Secrid Premium features a new eye-catching, durable, stainless-steel metal lever and diamond-pattern bottom that elevates the patented mechanism. Soft Italian leather wraps around the body of the wallet and comes full circle in the new luxury-bag inspired closure button. A wallet that doesn’t date its holder, the Secrid Premium Collection features a refined, innovative, and reimagined new look and feel, and comes in Dusk Teal, Bordeaux, and Olive shades for the Slimwallet and Twinwallet variants.


Secrid Premium Twinwallet


Finally, the Seasonal Range of Orbitkey Key Organisers transform your keys into a neat and silent stack that’s light, compact, and easy to carry. Made from smooth top grain leather and a signature, Award-winning, and secure locking mechanism, they carry up to seven standard keys with car keys and fobs on the D-ring. The Seasonal Range comes in a variety of vibrant shades, and are made to withstand even the most rigorous activity days.


Orbitkey Key Organiser Seasonal Leather


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