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The Bellroy Magic

The story of Bellroy is a funny one. It started with that big lump at the back of your pocket. The frustration of always having to take your wallet out because it hurts to sit on it. The bulge that pops out constantly to your otherwise sleek appearance. 

And so the Bellroy quest began – improving the way folk carry. Whether buying a morning coffee, cycling in the rain, a city commute or a weekend away, we knew that when we’ve got the right things on hand we're more willing to roam. And this is when we really experience what the world has to offer.

The need to bring more and more items everyday keeps on growing, but that doesn't mean the size of your wallet has to follow. With Bellroy, you can do more with less. Just take a look at our wallet explosion.


Bellroy has over 15 types of wallets that are segmented based on lifestyles. So there's always something for you whether you are a jetsetter, a minimalist or a classic. Urban Traveller & Co. is partnering with Bellroy in order to provide Filipinos the ability to choose the right gear for their lifestyle whether in the Philippines or when they travel abroad.




Its time to shop for Bellroy now.